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-Jenny clashes with Kevin and Taco's mother, Martha MacArthur, over whether it is safe for her to breastfeed after drinking alcohol.

-Ruxin gets Rafi to take his son to his swimming lessons, and is then shocked when Rafi hooks up with Gail, the swimming instructor.

-Taco realizes he doesn't just have a roommate that he has sex with--he has a live-in girlfriend.

The League
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The League Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Ruxin: No knives.
Rafi: What if there's an attack?
Ruxin: It's a bunch of children and mothers in a pool.
Rafi: That's exactly when I would attack!

Breasts are meant to be ogled and fondled, not tugged at like some raccoon pulling at a trash bag.