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-Taco throws a lavish New Year's Eve party, but while there, he plays a musical note than makes all the guests poop their pants.

-Baby Jeffrey re-organizes Ruxin's team, causing him to lose, and become the new owner of the Sacko. Ted, a member of the league whom we have never seen, wins the Shiva.

-Trixie finds that she is severely allergic to Andre's semen.

-Ruxin hires Rafi to protect his scrotum from the "Scrote Squad"

-Gina Gibiatti (Brooklyn Decker) has moved on from Pete, and is now dating Adrian Peterson.


The League
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The League Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Ruxin: Did you give my son baby brass knuckles?
Rafi: No, I had baby brass knuckles MADE for your son!

If you win it again, you're gonna be bi-Sac-tual.