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Flashback to Nora finding Lily on Kevin's porch. On that night, Kevin shared that if they were going to do this, they don't really know each other. Well, what does she need to know? He tells her about Patti Levin killing herself and Matt helping him to cover it up. And he smokes. She hired prostitutes to shoot her. Jill says it's OK. So, it's OK.

Two months later, Kevin is doing laundry in a laundromat with the baby and it's crying like crazy. He's really stressed, perhaps seeing things. Nora is fine and dandy, however. They're at the adoption hearing. They aren't yet married, so it's a little out there. The man asks if they might want to adopt another child in addition to this one. There must be a surplus of children on the market. It's white, though. And just like that, they're a family. Kevin looks scared shitless.

At home, Kevin pictures Patti and attacks the washing machine as if it's her. A sign saying "kills every time" prompts him to buy a shovel, too. Up comes Patti. Even with a body in the car, he decides to overtake a cop car. He wants to get caught. He immediately tells the officer there's a body in the back of his truck.

Jill goes to see Tom and she gives him news of the baby. He wants to make sure she doesn't tell dad he gave them the baby. Jill reminds him he can be a part of their family any time. Instead, he gives to her a letter from their mom, which she promptly tears up.

Nora's house has a bid for $2.6 million. They have a guess why her family went. It's a matter of geography. Places. The richest data can be gathered from where multiple departures occurred in the same proximity. If she had been at the table, she might have gone, too. She's shocked to hear they think it's going to happen again.

Kevin is being questioned by the police. He's not kept because she doesn't want him to blow his life up. Things are easier after the Sudden Departure. In the truck, Patti asks, "What the fuck was that?"

At home, Kevin learns his father has been released. He's also going to be visiting Australia for an indefinite period of time. They go for a walk and they're closer than they've every been. It seems sad, considering they're just tying up loose ends. Kevin Sr. admits nothing has changed, but rather he just started doing what they told him to do. It's at dinner that night, an uppity restaurant with his ladies, that Kevin suggests they get out of there. There is no indication why they chose Jarden, but with their uHaul they arrive at Miracle National Park where people offer them cash for their wristbands. He says they rented a place, so he doesn't think they need wristbands.

I wondered why they arrived without the dog, and it's because he needs to stay in quarantine for 60 days before joining them. Patti talks into his ear. She'll stay with him if he wants. Maybe he'll fuckin' talk to her.

I really wanted Kevin to stop by the sign that showed how Miracle was born. As Kevin walks by, he runs into the man with whom Michael prayed in the premiere. He says he can help Kevin. Nora is screaming. The house they rented burned down. Nora is beyond pissed and as they are having an auction, the first of the summer, she buys a house for $3 million. I thought she only got $2.6 for her house. They need to get a wire transfer from the bank before they can pick up the keys. They mean business. John's attempt to keep people from moving into town doesn't always work.

The family moves in with Matt and Mary for the time being. They're living in a bit of a shack. Matt says he knows it's not much, but they have their own bathroom and people in the main house let them use the kitchen on occasion. Matt gives them a tent to sleep in for the night. Nora invites them to stay with them, but Matt's not keen on the idea. She wonders what he's not telling them.

Kevin cannot stand the silence, preferring to sleep with music blasting in his ears. Can't say I blame him. Demons can be nasty business.

They arrive at their $3 million home, complete with scaffolding on the outside. The inside is falling apart. At least it's big, Nora says. Kevin wants to light his cigarette and almost sets himself on fire while lighting the stovetop. Patti is there to beat his head down. She cannot go on with him treating her like she doesn't exist. She does exist. He falls on the floor. John knocks while Jill puts a bandage onto Kevin's forehead.

The go to the party and afterward, Nora announces that she likes the family. When they get back to the house, the light explodes. Kevin hates the house. It's not how it was supposed to be. They were supposed to try it out, see what happens, but Nora went all fuckin in. Why? For what? He goes upstairs and apologizes to Nora. They make love.

Kevin wakes up in the mud on the bottom of the drained pond. A rope is attached to his leg, a concrete brick to the other end. He sees the car. Nobody is inside. A truck approaches and he runs off behind a rock, but not before he smeared his hand onto the glass. While John screams for Evie, Kevin looks on. Patti appears beside him. "Uh oh."

The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

MIT Man: People want to protect themselves against a recurrence.
Nora: You think it's going to happen again?
MIT Man: Why wouldn't it?

There's a body in the back of my truck.