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A ridiculously pregnant woman walks outside of a cave, naked, to urinate. The world shakes. The cave is covered over by a rockslide. She begins to try to pull the rocks away, but goes into labor. She gives birth.

The girl is alone, bathing the baby in the stream, feeding it, all the while watching the blocked cave. A bird caws overhead. There is smoke from a fire in the distance. She is foraging for food, leaving her baby on the ground while she climbs a tree to get eggs from a nest. While eating, a massive snake envelops her baby. She beats the snake off of the baby, but is bitten in the process. Poisoned, her arm starts to atrophy. She holds the baby by the stream as she tries to determine what to do. The bird is circling above, a feather descends upon her. The baby squirms in her dead arms. Another naked woman comes by and picks up the baby. Where was she when the woman was dying?

Present day, girls are swimming in the water, right where the young woman perished. Evie teases Dr. Goodheart, who is collecting samples of the water. Will she mess up his collections if she pees? She takes a sample, which her brother later transfers to test tubes while the family eats breakfast.

On his way into town, Michael passes a crack in the road covered over by a large acrylic box. He takes the test tubes into town and sets up a table. He's selling it Jarden Spring Water, miraculous, for whatever someone wants to give.

John visits a man who will soon be renting out his upstairs to make extra money. The man will need a separate outside stairwell and entrance. While he's there, John wants a reading. The man reads his hand in paint. His reading is that something bad is going to happen. John cannot believe that in all the time they've known each other, Isaac never mentioned to him that he had superpowers. It's bullshit, right? Isaac assures him it is not.

Evie sings lead in her school chorus. They sing about God sparing their town and it being a miracle.

Girls are running naked through the woods, Evie included.

Evie and her dad are playing ball in the yard. She appears to be a fast pitch softball pitcher. She's wicked.

John and his fellow firemen are betting something. They don't like the high number he uses. It sounds like he's talking about Isaac. They arrive at Isaac's house and set it on fire. Isaac refuses to leave willingly, so they toss him out the window. John really doesn't want anybody moving into town.

Isaac ends up at the hospital, Erika taking glass out of his face. He doesn't understand why they started burning people's houses down. Erika says he should have seen it coming. Nonetheless, Isaac says, John can't avoid it. Avoid what?

Erika goes jogging, straight into the woods to dig up a box. Inside is a bird. It's alive and she seems shocked. It flies away. When she gets home, John is still trying to find the cricket inside the house. He says he woke up to join them in church.

Matt Jamison is already in Jarden. They've been there for about a month. He starts to tell the congregation about him and Mary, but is cut off by the pastor. As the families are walking out, Matt says he felt a burden lifted off his shoulders since he arrived. He hasn't felt safer.

At breakfast after church, John returns his breakfast because bacon was delivered on the same plate as the rest of his meal. As they're eating, a man named Jerry walks in with a baying goat, spreads plastic sheeting on the ground and slaughters the goat in front of the eating customers. Nobody seems to blink an eye.

At the house, John puts his hand into the kitchen sink to try to retrieve a piece of silverware. It's a very tense situation. He believes Isaac. He asks Michael to get it instead. Afterward, Michael takes a meal to the town sentry. He asks if Michael mailed the letter. On his way home, the police are accosting someone by some waters towers, one man being searched screaming about keeping people out. Before going home, Michael makes another stop, asking an older gentleman if he wants to pray.

On the front stoop the next morning is a home made pie. As he's outside, John sees the Garveys moving in next door. The two men exchange a cursory wave. Inside, when Erika asks if someone might be trying to poison him for his birthday, it really crosses his mind.

When John suggests asking the Garvey's over for their birthday, Erika asks if he's going to "work" on his birthday. Just being neighborly. He meets Nora, giving to her the (poisoned) pie as a welcome to the neighborhood gift and welcomes them over to the house for the birthday barbeque.

The two families meet and everyone gets to know each other. During dinner, John says he was in prison for six years while the kids were growing up, so he wasn't there for one of the better stories. When Evie comes out with the birthday cake, she "goes away" dropping the cake. She has epilepsy and probably forgot to take her meds. Nora asks Kevin to run next doo to get that pie. John's eating that pie after all.

In the middle of the night, the entire house shakes like crazy, the Murphys rush into the doorways of the house. Evie isn't home. Where is she? While the family tries to get Evie on the phone, they get a call from Violet's father, she's missing too. Michael has an idea where she might be and he and John go to find them. Their car is on, the lights on and the music playing. Evie's phone is in the car. Michael goes to look at the lake. The water is gone. Fish are flapping all over the bed of the lake. Erika sits at home. The cricket chirps.

The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Isaac: Something bad is going to happen. To you.
John: Well, shit, Isaac. That is not ideal.

Visitor: Your water. Will it make us safe?
Michael: It's just a souvenier.