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Kevin and Nora are at the airport. She has global entry and uses it, despite the separation from Kevin. She gets stopped in the magnetic thingy and looks worried. There is a man behind her who hopes to protect himself from fallout and she thinks, there for but for the grace of ... God.

Kevin is annoyed. He wonders what she's smuggling. She has $20 grand taped to her waist. You can't leave the country with more than $10 grand in cash. He wonders why she didn't just give him half. Huh, she says.

They screw after the excitement.

Nora tells him on the plane what the money is for. The thing that tortures people by zapping them to another world. He realizes the DSD didn't send her and she's gone rogue. 

Nora wonders if Kevin's going to look up his dad while they're in Melbourne. 

Nora teases Kevin about his book, wondering where Matt gets this stuff. Before they can continue, Nora gets her call. She's to go board a bus. 

When she's gone, Kevin turns on the TV, but then cannot turn it off. He wants to turn it off but has to call the front desk to have the TV reset. He sits with his book, recalling moments with Patti, "He feared He had lost His mind." "To drink the poison was insanity. Or it was faith."

At that moment, the news switched to "And I sure hope no one watching is named Kevin." it's about the missing Kevin who was drowned on the seesaw and Kevin Garvey who was last seen wandering the road about a month ago.

When Kevin looks at the audience, he sees Evie holding a sign in the live audience. He says, face close to the TV, "can you hear me?" The TV turns off. He rushes to the studio after jumping into a cab.

Nora is still waiting for a bus when a woman begs her, as a fellow mother, to hold her baby while she rushes into a job interview.

The bus comes, she rushes back in with the baby, tells the employer discrimination is illegal and still, makes the bus.

Kevin arrives at G'Day Melbourne. He chases after her. What does she want? Did Patti send her? She asks who Patti is. Kevin cannot believe someone else can see her. She says she's never seen him before in her life. She says her name is Daniah Moabisee. He says no, she is Evie Murphy. 

Nora arrives at the location. A man is waiting.

Go on up, he says, they're waiting for him. Someone is at the piano playing Take on Me.

There are two women in a large barren warehouse. Dr. Aiden and Dr. Becker. Dr. Becker is bizarre. They suggest they go downstairs. Bernard will conduct a brief medical examination if Nora will remove her clothes. 

Laurie and John are doing their thing when Kevin calls. He just saw Evie. He's panicked. She can't believe he's in Melbourne. He's bloodied from the fight in the alley. He sends her the photo he took. She reluctantly confirms it's Evie, but he shouldn't contact her again. Under any circumstances. 

Nora is getting her medical exam. She's going to be placed into a box because of the intense isolation and containment she will feel during the "trip."

Kevin is at the library. He needs a book. A A A sassins. She needs to help him. Only Daniah. That'd be fuckin' great. The library lady calls for security. Daniah says she knows him and allows Kevin to come through.

She asks for him to leave her alone, ultimately telling him she has compassion for him because he is ill. Laurie gets a call from Kevin. Kevin is wondering if Laurie knew that Evie was there. Laurie calmly talks Kevin out of the delusion. She tells him he could have called anyone, but she called her. Because he knew she could help him. 

She has him look at the photo again. Kevin sees it clearly for the first time. Laurie talks to him about why he might have put Evie's face onto a stranger and asks about Nora. Kevin gathers his wits and tells her to ask John about the book he wrote about him.

Nora has some questions for the doctors after making it through the trial. Dr. Baker thinks there are 140 million corpses floating through space. She's laughing at the thought anybody would be stupid enough to go through the device she helped to create. Baker also thinks she has no intention of using the device, but will get cold feet when the time comes. Nora assures her she won't get cold feet.

They ask Nora the question about the baby. The one that sent a man into flames in the baby. She realizes the baby at the bus stop was a set up. They say they have no idea what she's talking about. She says she will kill the baby, but they deny her anyway. So it's not the answer to that question that determines proceeding or not.

When Kevin gets back to the hotel, he's broken. He wonders about the scam part of it if they didn't take her money. She was on the phone to her DSD fraud guy. 

They get into a terrible argument about everything they haven't said over the past three years, including Nora's decision to give away Lily and the book. When Kevin leaves, he wants a taxi. They can't get a taxi because of the explosion. His father is outside. Kevin wonders if it's real. Sr. assures him it is. Grace pulls up and when Kevin says he's alone, they take off.


The Leftovers
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The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Kevin? Under no circumstances should you approach her again, OK? You might scare her off. Kevin? Kevin!?


Kevin: What are you smuggling?
Nora: Sorry?
Kevin: You either didn't want to wait in line with me for an extra five minutes or you're smuggling something. What is it? Heroin?