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Natural disasters and terrible earthquakes bring Flynn Carson back to The Librarians. He arrives in a bright yellow raincoat and declares that the dragons are the cause of the earthquakes.

Eve wants them to talk, and asks where Flynn has been. He tells her a dragon is coming to the Library.

The dragon arrives as a man, asking for the arbiter. Ezekiel acts as the arbiter of the Library and reviews the dragon's grievances, which include a stolen pearl.

The find themselves in a tunnel underneath the Vatican, dodging obstacles and running into a giant dragon who cannot tell a lie.

Jacob gets the pearl, and his eyes turn red. He suddenly seems very different, and possibly evil.

Meanwhile, the dragon-man continues to go over grievances with Ezekiel. Another man shows up and says he is there for the conclave. Others show up as well. They represent all of the supernatural factions in the world.

The dragon in he tunnel was framed. Jacob goes around criticizing artwork placement and being rude. He drops the pearl, it breaks, and a golden apple drops from inside. Cassandra picks it up and her eyes turn black.

Dulaque arrives to the conclave eating Ezekiel's pizza. He says the library is no longer useful.

Flynn figures out that the apple is the "apple of discord" which turns a person into the worst version of themselves.

Evil Cassandra shows this best, wreaking having and showing her strength. Jacob and Flynn try to confuse her and find her "off-switch."

They so, and Cassandra faints into Jacob's arms.

Flynn and Eve put their hands on the apple at the same time.

Dulaque calls for a vote to end the library.

Evil Flynn arrives to the conclave. He calls the others imposters. He tells the representatives they could take the library. Says he has seen things. Dulaque asks if he is ill.

Ezekiel pick-pockets the apple. He's already the worst version of himself.

Jenkins asks Dulaque if he caused this, and tells him he is insane for waking the dragons. It seems these two have a past relationship, but what that is is unclear.

Flynn is thankful for Eve and says she is doing well. He tells her it her space now, not his. She says she will stay, but he should go back out to find the library. She tells him to go finish his mission. They kiss, and he disappears.

The Librarians
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I love this job.


A giant winged fire-breathing dragon is coming here?!