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Ezekiel is certain that a recent problem is caused by aliens. Jenkins insists that UFOs do not exist.

The Librarians head to a small town to check things out. Jacob and Cassandra talk to the town archivist, while Eve and Ezekiel go the woods and find a magical gas lamp.

The lamp causes Eve to disappear!

Jenkins can't understand how they managed to lose their guardian.

Jacob seems interested in the town archivist, and takes the opportunity to visit her again to ask more questions. The two of them are able to relate to one another about living in a small town.

Cassandra and Ezekiel to go back to the woods with lenses  that will help them see other energies. With the lenses, Ezekiel is able to see Eve.

Jacob continues to work with Mabel, the archivist, who tries to hide a folder from him. It turns out there used to be another town there.

The other town was experimental and created by Nikola Tesla.

Mabel explains the gas lamps, which are prototypes of wireless power transmitters created by Nikola Tesla, but everyone in the town got zapped. Telsa created an energy field to keep the people of the town alive and in existence. They snatch bodies to interact with the world.

Mabel asks the Librarians for help. Ezekiel is skeptical, but Jenkins says it is the only way to save Baird.

Jacob shares with Mabel while he never traveled. He took over the family oil rig and felt compelled to stay and run the family company. She tells him it is a good reason, but he says it is an excuse.

He kisses Mabel!

Cassandra realizes that their plan is dangerous to many other people, but the townsperson refuses to stop. She uses mosquito tone to send the Librarians a message in Morse code. Cassandra says they can't take the risk.

Jacob and Mabel go through the electricity together, getting zapped in the process while Mabel loses her strength. He carries her. He holds her as she dies.

Ezekiel is upset because he said it the plan was working.

Jacob is inspired to travel to Paris.

The Librarians
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The Librarians Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Jenkins: UFOs do not exist.
Ezekiel: Says the guy with the teleporting door.

You're planning on selling out the human race, aren't you?