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Two villians in black hoods are after someone.

The new Librarians are training with Eve. They are frustrated because they aren't allowed to save the world just yet. They all want to look at the clippings book.

The librarians look in the book to find that several people have gone missing.

The team starts developing a plan to save Henry Birch, and Jenkins presents the broom closet door, which can become a symbolic representation of any other door. They go through the door and find themselves in Boston.

They visit the food supply company and learn than many of their interns have disappeared.

Eve gets a swipe card to break into the server room, but instead finds artifacts. Meanwhile, Jake, Cassandra, and Ezekiel find themselves in a tunnel as they look for human resources. What the find is a pile of skulls instead of an office.

The Librarians are lost in the Minotaur's Labyrinth, while Eve tries to find a way to get them out. She calls Jenkins for help.

Jacob comments the others are unreliable, and Cassandra is upset that he is judging her based on the one time.

She's interrupted by a vision that shows her the maze's pattern. Eve uses gunshots to communicate with the librarians in Morse code. She comes head to head with the Minotaur and shoots him as the others show up. Jenkins arrives just in time with a magic door to get them out of the labyrinth.

Jacob figures out that the interns are being sacrificed, and then group finds themselves back in the Labyrinth. Jenkins thinks that Labyrinth is more like a curse than a place. The Minotaur, this time as a large man, comes after the Librarians again.

Eve realizes that the key cards how they can avoid getting lost in the maze.

Cassandra figures out the layout of the Labyrinth. She and Ezekiel go in to get the thread while Eve and Jacob fight the Minotaur.

Ezekiel tells Cassandra if he had been in her position, he would have sold everyone out too. Then he helps her focus on the maze.

They get the ball of thread and use it to destroy the Labyrinth.

Cassandra opens up to Jacob, who says he doesn't trust anyone from back home. Jacob tells Cassandra that he likes her, but he can't bring himself to trust her again

The Librarians
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The Librarians Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Okay, new rule. How about we not refer to the tumor that will one day kill me as a "brain-grape."


I'm here to do science and math; and sometimes, hallucinate.