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Flynn's injury from Excalibur is making him weak, and since it is a magical wound, it cannot be healed. He is, however, able to drink a magical potion to keep him going while the group tries to retrieve the Crown of King Arthur.

Cassandra believes that the Serpent Brotherhood can save her, and she abandons the others to help the wrong side.

Judson and Charlene's actions to save the Library cause the Library to disappear. Flynn, Jacob, Ezekiel, and Eve find a corridor of doors and are forced to pick one to escape the library.

Then they find themselves in Oregon where they meet Jenkins. Jenkins knows about all of them and brings them to his library, which for the time being, is the new base of operations. The actual library has been cut off from the rest of the world.

Flynn buries himself in books, sad about the loss of the library, Judson, and Charlene. Eve gives him a pep talk that helps him realize how to get the crown back.

Flynn and the others go Buckingham palace to steal a magical stone. They also find a secret passage and save Cassandra in the process.

Then, the develop a plan to use electromagnetism to get the crown back, along with Excalibur.

They do, but Flynn is badly injured, and so is Excalibur. Flynn tells Cassandra hat Excalibur has just enough magic left to save her, but instead, she uses it to save Flynn.

Before the potential librarians leave, Flynn realizes he can now change the rules and bring on a new group of librarians in training, which will give him the opportunity to find the Library.


The Librarians
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The Librarians Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Flynn: I'm gonna be dead tomorrow.
Eve: So, how would they want you to spend your last day?
Flynn: They'd want me to save the world one last time.

Your brain is a weapon, and a tool, and a library all wrapped in one.