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Eve and the Librarians head to a DARPA research facility looking into quantum computing, only to arrive in the middle of a disaster. When they try to escape, they find themselves trapped in a time loop, and all the facility employees somehow turned into "rage people."

When they're overwhelmed by the rage people, suddenly they're back at the start of the time loop, with only Ezekiel remembering the previous loops. He slowly overcomes each obstacle, but the repeated experience of watching his friends die wears him down.

He finally discovers that it's not a time loop: it's a computer game, and the start of the loop is a save point, and he's the player character. It's essentially an escort quest: he has to get the others safely to the "end."

Ultimately, he's successful, but unable to make it out himself. Fortunately, Cassandra is able to work a little math and restore him and the DARPA employees. Sadly, Ezekiel doesn't remember a thing about his experiences or how much of a hero he was.

Back at the Library, Jenkins summons a faerie to answer questions about Prospero's plans. The faerie provides him with some answers, but too late for Jenkins to do anything. A wave of magic ripples through the Library, and the Librarians and Eve are gone. Jenkins suddenly acts like nothing strange just happened, and he doesn't remember them ever being there.

The Librarians
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The Librarians Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Cassandra: But quantum computing could change the world!
Eve: The way *Atlantis* was changed?

Fae: I know many things. I know what ends your immortality. You cannot be killed, but you can die. Is this not worth a bargain?
Jenkins: Hm. No.

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