The Library of Alexandria - The Librarians
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A map showing the locations of the four cornerstones of the Library of Alexandria falls into the hands of a radical sect at the Vatican, which has one such stone already. Three members of the Heretic Order of Shadows recover a cornerstone at Niagara Falls. After the receiver sounds an alarm, Jenkins tells the Librarians that they must prevent the four cornerstones from being found, as that could cause the Library to become a physical structure again. But they have no idea where the cornerstones are. Jenkins takes the Librarians down a secret passage to Flynn's first guardian, Nicole, who is locked up in a cell.  Nicole had been sent back 500 years by a time machine explosion. Nicole got locked up because she stole artifacts to exact revenge on those she felt had abandoned her. She also knows the locations of three of the cornerstones. Eve sends the other three Librarians to Niagara Falls while she and Flynn attempt to get Nicole to talk. The trio determines that three priests found the cornerstone. Nicole said she used the immortality artifact in the hope of seeing Flynn again. Nicole will only tell Flynn where the cornerstones are. Based on Nicole's clue, the three Librarians head to the Paris Opera House for the next cornerstone. The priests are also there. The Librarians get captured and taken to the sect's leader, Monsignour Vega. Nicole will only lead Flynn and Eve to the last cornerstone in Venezuela.. Cassandra's scream draws them into a trap. Nicole offers to show Vega how the stones work. After she gets the vortex started, she throws one stone in to ruin it. Nicole gets sucked in and Flynn goes in after her. The vortex is collapsing, so they channel the lightning's charge long enough to rescue Flynn and Nicole. Then Nicole escapes.

The Librarians
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The Librarians Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Head priest: Do you believe in God?
Park ranger: Yes.
Head priest: Good. Then it's time for you to meet him.

Jacob: Pan flute. A little mood music.
Jenkins: No sir. This is not a Zamfir concert.