Team Building - The Librarians
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Eve informs the other Librarians that Flynn has resigned from the Library, and they are in disbelief. The now mortal Jenkins experiences being sick. With dissension in the ranks, prompted by the Clipping Book, Eve decides to take the remaining Librarians to a team-building camp. Ezekiel overhears staffers talking about people disappearing from the camp. Jacob finds himself falling for the camp's creativity director, Serena. Cassandra and Ezekiel are acting strange as well. She is pulling practical jokes, while he is being responsible. Eve is suspicious of one team, so she breaks into their cabin. But she trips an alarm and gets caught, with the team's leader knowing her identity. They are a team from the Department of Statistical Anomalies. Serena is actually a disgraced reporter who has learned about the Library. She wants to prove it exists to gain vindication. Ezekiel finds a briefcase in the lake. Cassandra and Ezekiel distract Rick Bender, the camp director, so Eve and Jacob can rifle his office. They find files on the missing campers. Like others, Jacob gets taken by the vines. Bender admits he knew about the disappearances, but said he's just covering them up. Jenkins thinks the forest might be an evil area known as the Devil's Forest. DOSA was there investigating the forest. Stone has been absorbed by an ancient tree. The tree absorbed Jacob to serve as its spokesman. The tree gives Eve the Zero Seed, to reconstitute the forest if it is ever destroyed. After Eve and the DOSA leader agree to protect the forest, the tree releases all its captives. Bender signs over the camp to DOSA. Jacob shows Serena the Library, but tells her she can't write about it.  

The Librarians
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The Librarians Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

How do you mortals ... us mortals ... deal with being mortal?


With three of us left, two more need to resign.