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When The Library blinks away from its connection to humanity, Baird finds herself on a gray world with the motto "Believe in The Company." All she has left to find Flynn with is his tethering ring. Flynn has recorded a message for Eve, which activates when she brings his ring near a TV. Flynn tells Baird she needs to find him and the other Librarians. She sees an ad of Jacob selling cars. Jacob thought his Librarian adventures were a dream, but Baird convinces him to go with her. Cassandra, who is working as a stapler, remembers Eve and Jacob. The Company Men come for Cassandra, but they all escape when she creates a diversion. Eve's memories of The LIbrary are starting to fade. Ezekiel is the host of the popular TV series "I Fell Down." While Jacob and Cassandra distract Ezekiel's producer, Baird confronts him. But the Company Men take her away. Nicole is running this alternate reality. Eve loses her grasp on her memories. She is locked in an asylum. There she runs into an equally confused Flynn. Orderlies haul him away, and Nicole has him subjected to another shock treatment. Cassandra and Jacob abduct Ezekiel. They convince him to help rescue Eve. Eve goes after Flynn. She discovers a shrine to The LIbrary behind the padding on his walls. They kiss, and their memories of The Library return. Then Nicole walks in. Rachel orders lobotomies for both of them. The other three LIbrarians break in to the asylum. They rescue Baird, then Flynn. Trapped, they together manifest The Library. Flynn goes back in time to correct the path of Nicole's life. Nicole rewriting history brings Jenkins back to life. Flynn moves up the ceremony and he and Baird get tethered to The LIbrary. 

The Librarians
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The Librarians Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

I'm sorry. I should have specified. I wasn't asking [him to come with her.]

Nicole [to Flynn]

I love The Library and I love Baird, and I'm ready.

Flynn [to Nicole]