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Penny appears in The Neitherlands, a place where you can travel between worlds through fountains. He meets someone named Eve, who says she lives there. She steals the button, and Penny becomes lost among all the fountains. 

Penny appears in Quentin's dream, asking for help. He had been gone for six weeks. Penny tries to get back to the Earth fountain, but falls through a trap door. He meets the keeper of the libraries of the Neitherlands, and she explains that some of the locals work for the Beast. There are books on everyone's life. She photocopies some pages from Martin's book and gives them to Penny. 

Julia has been using the Free Trader Beowulf app, connecting her with others like Richard. They all meet up at Julia's apartment. One of them is Kady. They have to pass 12 spells to help with the project. Kady was coming to kill Marina, but she met Richard who convinced her to join the Free Traders. They pass the spells, then briefly travel back through time. Richard reveals that the project is about doing time magic. He confesses that he used to be a drug addict and accidentally killed his son, and wants to travel back in time to undo horrible things. In order to do this, they need to summon a god. 

Quentin and Alice go to visit her parents because Alice's mom knows a traveler, Joe, who can help. Alice is mad at her mom for not caring about what happened to Charlie, and her mom is angry that Alice judges her. Alice apologizes. Her mom reveals that she, Joe, and Alice's father are a threesome. Joe says that Quentin and Alice can cast a beacon to light up the Earth fountain, but they have to do sex magic, requiring them to climax at the same time. Alice confesses that she has trouble climaxing. Quentin apologizes for being insecure, and Alice apologizes for being bad at asking for what she wants. They confess their love to each other, and have sex again. It works and the beacon lights up, sending Penny back. 

Margo takes Eliot to the infirmary because Eliot is drugged up, but it turns out somebody is draining Margo's life force. Her ex made a golem of Margo. Eliot won't help, and Margo is angry. Eliot goes back to Margo and apologizes. They kiss, and Eliot is confused. The real Margo comes back, and Eliot realizes he kissed the Margolem.

The Magicians
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Wait, are my eyes open or closed right now?


If you would just shut up for about for two seconds, this sex dream would pass the Bechdel test.