Pushing Boundaries - The Magicians
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The students, as geese, fly to Antarctica to study magic with Mayakovsky. Mayakovsky takes away their voices, and demands that they perform a spell that fits a nail perfectly into a board. Everyone is having trouble with the spell, but eventually they are successful. Quentin spells out dick with nails, and Mayakovsky slaps him, telling him to now extract the nails. Alice kisses Quentin. 

Mayakovsky returns their voices, and tells them their next task is to mind control bugs. Quentin and Alice are having trouble, so they now get zapped if they don't successfully guide the bugs. They pass the test. Mayakovsky then tells them to remove their clothes and throws them out into the freezing cold. Quentin and Alice become foxes and become frisky with each other. When they get back inside, they have sex. 

Mayakovsky helps Penny with his traveling gift, telling him that his tattoo his holding him back. Penny successfully travels to Florida, a desert, and a volcano. Penny then goes to Kady to talk, and Kady lets him see her mind. Penny finds out about her mom and Marina. He suggests they steal something from Mayakovsky to buy off Marina. Mayakovsky catches Kady, and tells her that Brakebills will never forgive her for stealing, and she can't go back. He also tells Kady that her mother is dead, and now she is free from Marina. Kady leaves without telling Penny so that he will stay at the university. 

Meanwhile, Eliot and Margo are preparing to go to Ibiza for the Encanto Oculto, a magical party. Todd, another student, wants to be invited, but they dismiss him. They have to prepare a gift for the people sponsoring the party, and plan to conjure gin. A student named Mike helps them with the spell, and Mike and Eliot sleep together. Later, Eliot and Margo attempt to make the gin, but accidentally summon a Djinn. Todd helps them to bottle the genie. Eliot wants to stay with Mike, so Margo invites Todd to go to Ibiza. Mike sees a moth, and his eyes glow blue. 

Julia is arrested, but Hannah's death is considered natural, so she is let go. Julia's sister picks her up from the police station and insists on staying with Julia to take care of her. Her sister compares Julia to their drunk dad, and says that their mom wants to keep her arrest quiet in order to maintain her reputation. 

The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Birds. I never shit so much in my life. At least I got to eat bugs.


That happened, right? We flew...here to Antarctica?