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Julia and Kady bring gifts to the goddess's servant. Kady has doubts, but the hermits gives her magic and faith. Julia says she wants to seek an audience with Our Lady Underground so she can help others, and the hermit gives her the invocation. Julia feels nervous. She and Richard have sex. 

Penny tells the group that they need to go get the knife soon. Everyone is angry at each other after last night. Quentin hears Alice having sex with Penny and is hurt. Eliot, Margo, Alice, and Quentin use the emotion bottles, then travel to the Neitherlands. Eve sends Quentin back to Earth with the map. The rest travel to the library. 

Quentin goes to the Dean, who tells him under a truth serum that they've been stuck in a time loop set up by Jane (aka Eliza). In each of the 39 time loops, Quentin dies. Now that Jane is dead, this iteration is the last chance they have to set things right. Quentin goes to Julia and tells her she was originally supposed to be at Brakebills, but in this iteration, Julia was rejected so she might become stronger. Julia tells Quentin that they summoned a goddess who granted everyone's petition. Quentin asks Julia to go to Fillory with him. Julia says that Our Lady gave her a mission to find a new kind of magic, which is probably in Fillory. They go to Brakebills to try and figure out a way to get to Fillory.

Eliot is torturing himself about Mike, and burns his life book. The librarian banishes all of them from the library. They meet a former student named Josh, who tells them to follow him. Josh explains that he, Victoria, and the rest of the Brakebills class went to Fillory for spring break. The Beast set up a trap for Victoria, and Josh has been waiting in the Neitherlands for her ever since. Alice figures out she can bend light to make them invisible so they can travel to Fillory and rescue Victoria. Eliot breaks formation and becomes visible. Margo shoots a thug to protect Eliot. They jump into the Fillory fountain. Penny uses magic to kill Eve, and then jumps in.

Quentin and Julia use a device to time travel and end up in 1942. They see Jane traveling to Fillory through a phone booth, and they follow her. They see a castle in Fillory.

The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

You all look like you did a crime last night.


I was very angry a moment ago, but I have to be honest, you two would make a cute couple.