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Quentin runs through Fillory shouting for help. He stumbles on a cottage with candy lining the front yard. The woman inside is a healer, but she wants a vial of his blood in exchange for her services.

Alice's God-powers allow her to heal herself and mostly everyone else before Quentin gets back. Margo blames everything on Julia, and the group agrees they need extra power before the Beast returns.

Except the Beast beat them to the punch and drained the power from the wellspring.

Back in New York, Julia and the Beast hash out their deal at a children's indoor playground while he creepily watches the kids. She bargains for her safety as well as her friends'. Once she kills Reynard, he'll get the knife.

Quentin's filled the group in on what happened to Julia. They're sympathetic, but still want the beast dead. He tells them about an armory filled with books that can help. They set out to find it while Penny and Margo search for a river of healing water.

Until Eliot is crowned king, no one in Fillory will help them.

The Beast seems amused by Julia's loopholes in their contract. The two pose as detectives to follow Reynard's trail of victims. 

At the river, Penny and Margo meet a man who claims to be in charge of watching over the river. Margo sews Penny's hands back on and he dives in to complete the healing. The man wants money, but Penny refuses so he casts a spell on Penny's wrists.

The Beast gives Julia a list of things he needs to cast the net to trap Reynard. Then he asks her to drop him off at the playground so he can watch the children.

Margo and Penny rejoin the others as they cross the Rainbow Bridge to meet the Knight of Crowns. Before he'll give Eliot the crowns, he tells them there's one more test: pop culture from the 90s. Once Eliot delivers a monologue from Dirty Dancing, he's king.

Quentin insists on a formal ceremony to honor their ascension to royalty. He crowns Eliot, who bestows the honor on Margo, and Alice. He takes the time to apologize to both of them. Margo crowns Quentin and everyone agrees to start over as friends.

Penny struggles with his magic. He tells Margo he's heading back to talk to the man at the river.

Alice and Quentin have a heart to heart. She doesn't want to lose him. She's also scared she'll freeze again with the Beast. Quentin encourages her to practice and tap into her powers. She succeeds and kisses him, but insists they're not getting back together.

The Beast tells Julia she needs to get over her rape and move on with her life. He suggests she lose her shade, the part of her that contains her soul. He thinks it'll make her stronger. She declines.

At the castle, the new royals discover the armory is barren. Alice finds a book that suggests they need to return to Brakebills. 

Penny begs the river man to help him. The man hints at a position Penny will soon be occupying, reminds him his words have consequences, and refuses to help.

Quentin says goodbye to Eliot, who has to stay in Fillory. Eliot tries to put on a brave face, but admits he's worried time will screw with them. He may be dead when his friends return.

The Beast gives Julia a taste of what it would be like without her shade. She asks him to put it back. He warns her Reynard will win if she holds onto the pain.

The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

I think I like her. I hope I like her.


Eliot: I vote that we don't touch it on the grounds that exploding Fillory wouldn't help.
Quentin: Okay. We need a new plan.
Margo: What plan? The Beast is gone. Our squad is a joke. What plan, exactly?
Eliot: We'll figure it out. We always do.
Margo: When it's a test to cheat on. Not when we're stuck in some epic fantasy that likes to behead heroes halfway through season one. If we even are heroes. We might be comic relief.