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Alice is tormenting Quentin. She wants him to free her. He's searching for a way to complete the spell to make her whole again. She tells him that girl is never coming back.

Kady and Julia meet with the sketchy magicians that might be able to help her. The woman work in a butcher shop. One says she can perform the abortion, but it will cost one milliion dollars in gold bars. The other witch wants no part of the deal. Julia and Kady decide to rob a bank. But when Julia is attacked by an invisible monster, Kady suggests they go to Brakebills for help.

In Fillory, Margo and Eliot learn they are broke. They need money for the war.

Kady and Penny reunite at the library and immediately have sex. Quentin is uncomfortable being around Julia because he blames her for Alice's death. But he also wants to help her when she tells him about the bank robbery. Penny's in too, and so are Margo and Eliot. No one is thrilled about helping Julia, but they all have their own reasons for participating.

Margo's robbed a bank before so she takes the lead. All banks are owned by magicians, and protected by wards and battle magic, but the day-to-day employees are muggles. They put the plan into action. Margo's the getaway driver while the others release bees inside to force everyone to evacuate. Penny's going to travel into the vault with a gravity belt so he doesn't touch the floor. Julia's forced to stay behind since she's a target. She begins working on a machine that will set time back 15 minutes.

The plan goes well until the gravity belt fails and Penny touches the floor. Kady, Eliot, and Quentin go back in for him. Quentin's forced to make a deal with Alice to get the vault door open. But they don't make it out on time so Julia rushes to help. Eliot's gollum is killed and the real Eliot begins to convulse in his sleep in Fillory. Julia's attacked again. Kady rescues her. When Julia wakes up, Kady tells her the abortion was done, but there was a complication. 

The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Professor Lipson: Have you seen the Twilight movies? [continues examining Julia's stomach]. Specifically the last one?
Julia: No.
Professor Lipson: That's probably for the best.

Alice: Just let me take over your body. For the tiniest little bit. I'll be good. I'll be so good.
Quentin: No. That's crazy.
Alice: So I have to be a Niffin, yet I don't even get to be a Niffin? I could travel the universe. I could see things you couldn't even imagine. Instead, I have to be bored and stuck with you.