Julia and Richard?!?! - The Magicians Season 2 Episode 11
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In Fillory, Eliot awaits the arrival of his future husband as Margo pretends not to know where Fen is. Once the king arrives, he and Eliot attempt to get to know each other better, but he turns into a rat. Margo reports that it's happening to people all over the kingdom. Eliot assumes that's what happened to Fen. The liaison for the fairies tells Margo that Fen is with the fairies. He gives her a riddle rather than tell her who turned everyone into rats.

Eliot gathers what remains of the council and slips truth serum into their wine. While the others confess to random crimes, Margo's forced to tell the truth about Fen. Eliot banishes her to the dungeons. He manages to turn Josh back into a human. Josh suggests he hire dukes or governors to help him. Eliot decides to have an election. But he is transported back to Brakebills with no explanation. In the dungeon, Margo accepts a potion that will transport her to the fairy realm.

Penny and Kady hook up in their minds so they can have sex and talk about their various obstacles. Penny tries to find the librarian's name so he can look in her book for access to the Poison Room. He meets Sylvia, the daughter of magical mobsters, who's staying in the library for her protection. She joins the mind conversation, and explains she's looking for a way into the Poison Room, too. They reluctantly agree to work together.

Senator Gaines is troubled by Reynard manipulating his staff. Reynard explains he's been doing the same thing. He didn't know it. When he gives a fellow senator a heart attack. Senator Gaines confesses to his wife. But he realizes he's been telling her what to do, too. Reynard says it's the only way he'll become president. Senator Gaines goes to Kady and says he wants to help take Reynard down.

Julia and Quentin find the dragon that can send them to the Underworld. In return, the dragon wants the Fillory button. Once they arrive, Julia finds some of her Hedge Witch friends, as well as Richard. He helps them figure out where the shades are kept. Julia discovers the goddess is real. But she's been missing. She tracks what she assumes is her shade, but it turns out to be Alice's. 

Quentin brings Julia her shade and says goodbye to Alice's. Julia's shade explains that they can't take her with them. Quentin heads for the portal, and when Julia arrives, she has Alice's shade instead of her own. She tells Quentin this is her chance, and she's made her choice. 

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The Magicians Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Senator Gaines: So they're taking your orders now?
Reynard: Have been for a while. I controlled their minds. Just like you have many, many times.
Senator Gaines: I don't know what you're talking about.
Reynard: You know you have that power. You've been using it your whole life.
Senator Gaines: I always thought I had some kind of god-level good luck.

This dragon better be fucking cool.