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Kimber D'Antoni has just been invited to take the entrance exam for Brakebills, and it's quite shocking because she didn't know magic existed. Henry Fogg seems to have an interest in her though and thinks that she shows great potential. 

Meanwhile, the other seven Brakebill's students are living lives under the glamours that Dean Fogg placed on them in the Season 3 finale. They've saved magic, but they now live a life without it. Katie's new identity is a cop named Sam Cunningham who stumbles into a case involving a hedgewitch who seems pretty tweaked when she comes near him. 

Katie/Sam begins to investigate hedgewitches, but Dean Fogg's glamor is so good that whenever she remotely pokes at the idea weird things start to happen, ranging from the computer shorting out, to a piece of ceiling falling. 

As Katie/Sam pokes a little further she finds a comic book called "A Flock of Lost Birds" and begins to track down the other characters, starting with a fashion editor named Janet. Janet is having her own freaky dreams when she starts to imagine a manifestation of Ember, a Fillorian god. However, she does not believe him and continues to about her life fairly normal except when her fairy eye acts up.

Sam and Janet gather Penny and Josh, also under new personas and attempt to talk about what's going on without actually talking about it. Marina shows up and offers to try to explain what's going on.

Back at Brakebills, Dean Fogg calls Kimber into his office and it's revealed that Kimber is actually Julia's new identity. Dean Foggs tells Kimber Julia's story and says he is unwilling to make the same mistakes this time around. 

Meanwhile, Alice is in library jail serving the most severe sentence for library cards ever devised. She has a cellmate next door named Nick, who is actually Santa Claus who reminds her that she is a good person.

The Magicians
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