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On The Magicians Season 4 Episode 6, Quentin and Julia decide that the best course of action is to help The Monster in the hopes that he will leave Eliot once they have a body for him. However, The Monster is growing impatient and setting himself on a self-destructive path that has Quentin worried and finally pushes him to deliver an ultimatum to The Monster.

Penny and Marina are in jeopardy. They are out-of-sync with the timeline and a horromancer named Stoppard wants them to go back to timeline twenty-three. But the timeline hopping gets complicated when some of the timelines don't have magic. 

In Fillory, Margo has found out why the talking animals aren't talking and has to make a deal in order to get some beets to cure them. This leads her to partner with Josh for some lessons in politics. 

Meanwhile, Alice arrives at her destination as indicated by the World Book map: Modesto California. She rents a room from a woman named Sheila who she discovers is a magician as well. Her specialty is finding lost things including a magical pipe with a leak. 

The ambient magic increase also has the attention of a local hedgewitch who blows up the Modesto Public Library. 

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You'd be a very high-level X-Men like Emma Frost's, Diamond Form.


People in cages is never not personal, sweetie.