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On The Magicians Season 4 Episode 10, Margo is on a quest to find the weapons that will save Eliot with the help of a psychotropic trip from her birthright lizard. The lizard makes her imagine a version of Eliot who sings the 80s pop anthems from the iPod that Josh gave her before she left. The imaginary lizard leads her to a desert where she encounters people who fear a demon who rises out of the sand and possesses emotional women.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Quentin, Julia, and Penny have unraveled the crux of The Monster's plan. He's building stone organs that will make the body of his sister. Now their goal has shifted from helping the monster find the last of the stone organs to saving the god who has it. In order to save them, they need to find a leprechaun. The search leads them to a woman named Barry who takes them to play an escape room type game, except the stakes are higher. 

Last, but not least, Julia and Kady are looking for a way to outsmart The Library, and they need Zelda's help to do it. The thing is Zelda isn't entirely sure who to believe, and it isn't until she checks the logs of ambient magic that she realizes the truth. That she is being lied to. 

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The Magicians Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

And if he got prison and she got the death penalty, I'm guessing she's the bad one.


Why does this place smell like death?

The Monster