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On The Magicians Season 4 Episode 8, Alice has to work together with Zelda to attempt to free Sheila, seeking help in an unlikely place, her childhood home. She has to confront her mother and they have to resolve their differences in order to cast a spell to help Zelda navigate the mirror world. Dean Fog is hoping success will result in increased rations at Brakebills. 

Meanwhile, in Fillory, Margo has joined Fen on her quest to find the Green Hooded Woman from her dreams. The find a cottage where the woman proceeds to give them landscaping and labor tasks to recoup some of the damage done by pilgrims. The woman ultimately tells them that the woman they see is called The Napster and that she only exists in dreams. Fen is able to capture her where she ultimately finds out her destiny. 

Back on Earth, Quentin and Julia are looking for the stone organ for The Monster. This leads them to the Dragon of the East River, who is freaking out over a missing Elixer. Quentin is able to trace a dart left by the thief, which takes him back to The Physical Kids' Cottage, where he finds Poppy Kline, gestating. 

Together with Kady, Penny, and Julia, they uncover the truth behind Poppy's pregnancy. 

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