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There's a lot of death on The Magicians Season 4 Episode 4, "Marry Fuck Kill." Quentin gets the news that his dad died and has to pack up his model planes. He's joined by Eliot/The Monster, who is confused as to why Quentin isn't going out and killing things and they eventually end up smashing the planes against the wall. 

Josh is going through "The Quickening," where his sexually-transmitted lycanthropy is driving him to either sleep with an un-infected person or kill someone. It's a way to ensure that the curse spreads, but Josh isn't keen on becoming a rapist or a murder. He and Margo look for ways to stop the transformation and eventually end up stealing a Komodo dragon from Kanye West's apartment. 

Meanwhile, Alice is attempting to escape the library, where she runs into an unlikely ally in the form of Christopher Plover. Plummer is hiding out from The Order within the walls of the library and the two strike a deal. Plover will help Alice get to The Revision Room where she can retrieve her friends' books, and she will help him with the world book so that he can find a world where he can belong. She's reluctant to help him, but they've both done things that they've regret and are able to forge a working relationship. 

In Fillory, Julia is on the hunt for why she is indestructible. The quest leads her back to Bacchus' last party where a maenad named Soshana tells her and Penny about a ritual that will diagnose her further. The thing is Soshana can't perform the ritual because Julia needs someone that worships her body and soul. Penny-23 is that someone. When Soshana helps to diagnose the results from the ritual she's taken aback by the results and realizes that Julia is a goddess. She has a new diety to follow. 

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The Magicians Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Well, I found some shit on a ritual from an Indonesian tribe. Supposed to help prevent supernatural transformations, or maybe cause them. My Indonesian sucks.


It's like I'm caught in a real-life game of Marry, F--k, Kill. Only Marry is off the table.