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The group comes up with a plan to kill Seb after learning the Dark King's life is tied to a vitality conduit, meaning if they cut down the tree, Seb can be killed and die.

As the one with access, Eliot feels uneasy about killing Seb, so he and Margo swap bodies to have Margo, as Eliot, deliver the killing blow.

Josh and Eliot, as Margo, search for the tree, but Josh refuses to tell Eliot, as Margo, where the tree is unless they talk.

Eliot, as Margo, tells Josh to stop asking Margo to apologize for something she feels guilty about. A defeated Josh then points out the right tree.

After the tree is chopped down, a signal is sent giving the go ahead for Margo, as Eliot, to kill Seb. Things take too long, and Julia stabs the Dark King instead.

The episode ends with Seb resurrecting.

Julia also learns she is pregnant and tells Fen she needs some time to think things through.

Fen tells Julia that's not possible as it's Red Monkey month in Fillory, meaning her pregnancy will be magically sped up.

With the help of Hamish, Alice finds a lead on decoding the piece of paper that belonged to Q.

However, things go awry when a group of conscious fungal spores infects the students at Brakebills and tries to steal the page from Alice.

After Penny becomes infected, Alice learns the page is an instruction manual for the world seed, which, with the right nurturing, can grow into almost anything, even an entire world.

She also learns an evil entity called The Couple is searching for the instruction manual.

The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Eliot: I’m not sure I can go through with this.
Margo: El, you have a crush on a boy who’s bad for you -- happens to all of us -- but how do we get crushes out of our system?
Eliot: Lots of drinking, pining, some detailed sex fantasies?
Margo: No, we bang them out.
Eliot: OK, that’s great except for the part where now I have to murder the guy I hypothetically slept with, which is a thing that shouldn’t really happen to a person more than once.

Fen: The Takers, that’s how he stays in power. He summons them, and only he can fight them.
Josh: Jesus, I go away to my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah for one week, and then everything gets fakakta. What are we going to do?
Margo: We got to kill the Dark King. What, we’re all thinking it.
Josh: Eli’s Torah portion was all about the sanctity of life, and I found it very moving. So, can’t we, I don’t know, peacefully overthrow him?
Margo: No, we can’t. He’s got a centurion army. I should know, I’m one of them.
Eliot: Also 300 years of propaganda convincing everyone they need them.
Fen: Also, also, 300 years, we’re talking a powerful immortal magician. Doubt you can just walk up and stab the guy.
Margo: I’ve been researching: The Dark King survived seven assassination attempts since he took our thrones.
Julia: Must be big magic keeping him alive. We have to figure out what it is, find out his weakness.
Josh: You’re on board with this too?
Julia: I mean, I’m here to stop an apocalypse that happens because an evil force invades from a distant realm. That sounds like the Takers.
Margo: Then it’s settled. We kill the Dark King, stop the Takers from pouring in, stop the apocalypse. Who’s in?