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Julia, Penny, and Alice try to find a way to stop the harmonic convergence.

Julia summons Clarion, the goddess of melody, who offers to help in exchange for Julia telling her how to become human.

However, Julia is later forced to choose between saving the world or Penny, who is on the brink of death due to Merritt's signal.

She chooses to save Penny, but in order to save him, Clarion had to remove his psychic ability, meaning he can no longer travel.

Alice goes to the Library for help, which is under attack by Visigoths, or Germanic barbarians, and runs into Zelda.

The Visigoths end up taking all the books on the harmonic convergence, leaving Julia, Penny, and Alice no closer to stopping the harmonic convergence.

Zelda then informs them all they have to do to stop the harmonic convergence is to move the moon.

Eliot is made an official court magician, while the Dark King, Margo, and the other centurions go off to fight the takers and rescue those trapped.

The centurions, including Margo, are ineffective, but the Dark King manages to stop the Takers, thus saving his subjects.

Some of the centurions stay behind and capture a fairy.

Kady goes to Magicians Anonymous and runs into Dean Fogg. Together, they drop acid to get to the etheric realm to find the location of the book depository.

Upon arrival, they seek out the emperor, who will only let one of them stay in the etheric realm.

Kady and Fogg argue over who gets to stay, with emperor deciding to kick Kady out. As a parting gift, the emperor gives her the location of the book depository: Hell's Kitchen.

Merritt reveals herself to be a Chatwin.

The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Kady: You met the nice me. Here’s the real me: Fuck off. What?
Fogg: Well, I take the anonymous part of Magicians Anonymous very seriously.
Kady: So you quit drinking?
Fogg: Thirty-three days, six hours, 19 minutes of skin peeling, soul-searing hell ago, yeah.

Kady: So I’ve been clean a year. Thanks, but maybe hold that because I’ve been jonesing hard. Well, uh, I’m a hedge. You know, before we saved magic we got a shit deal. There was a blood worm scare, so the Library gave a lot of hedges the Reed’s Mark. Well, get a mark, you’re magically castrated until they take it off. And the Library’s imploding, and they can’t fix it, and the marked ones are looking at me like, ‘Hey, bossy pants, you rallied us to save magic. How ‘bout saving us?’ And, I found a spell to remove the marks in a depository. Only, all of a second, it’s gone, but I know the only way to move something that warded is to move it through the etheric realm.
Female magician: Cool, I’ve heard it’s awesome there. What’s the prob?
Kady: The prob is there’s only one way into the realm. Anybody heard of RCH? Nickname ‘Archie.’ Yep, they way to save every marked hedge is to drop acid. A true 12 step conundrum.