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Rupert sends Josh to the land of the Takers with an amulet that kills them. 

From there, Josh ends up in the Underworld and, with the help of Penny 40, searches for a way out.

Their search leads them to learn Hades had vanished, so Josh, using Margo's fairy eye, informs Margo, Kady, Alice, and Fen about the situation.

Kady and Alice seek out a grieving Hades who agrees to let Josh return to the land of the living in exchange for their help in stopping Rupert.

Penny and Plum are stuck in a strange room and meet Elaphus, a fellow time traveler who claims to be charged with keeping the continuity of thespace-time continuum.

To achieve that goal, Elaphus wants Plum to give up her ability to time travel.

Plum eventually agrees, but Penny learns it is just a ploy to prolong Elaphus's ability to time travel.

They make a deal for Elaphus to take some of Plum's plasma factor in exchange for letting them go.

Eliot and Julia are still trapped in the dungeon and figure out Julia may be able to travel outside of the magic-proof cell due to her magical pregnancy.

Therefore, Eliot has to convince Julia she is in a life or death situation.

Though unhappy, Julia is successful, and she and Eliot return to the penthouse.

The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Kady: We’re gonna get those pricks for this.
Alice: I don’t know Kady. Maybe we should just walk away.
Kady: Look, you can walk away, but I’m not done ‘til I cut that son of a bitch’s balls off. I owe them that for tying me up, and I owe them triple for what they did to you. You can sit it out, OK.
Alice: Um no, we’re in this together.
Fen: Oh, this is so beautiful. You friendship really is the most underrated form of love. I’m sorry. I’m just extra emotional with the assassination going sideways, and then Josh, Eliot, and Julia not making it back. Not to mention all that crazy stuff Plover told us, it’s just really overwhelming. So uh, what have you guys been up to?

Elaphus: I want you to stop time traveling.
Penny 23: Are you like the god of time or something?
Elaphus: Hardly. I’m a time traveler like young Plum here. I have been monitoring you.
Plum: And now you’re keeping us prisoner?
Elaphus: ‘This one will be smart,’ I thought, ‘Cautious.’ Then you had to risk altering the future to save some young pervert.
Penny 23: Is this the part where you draw us little diagrams about screwing up the flow of time or whatever?
Elaphus: Nice thing about the 21st century, you’ve all seen ‘Looper,’ so I can get to the point. We are here because though I would rather be making lamps, I am forced to focus on the most important task there is: protecting the integrity of space-time, which you threaten. I’d have hoped you’d waste your time on something useful, try to kill Hitler at least.
Plum: I was getting to it.