Half of the Brakebills crew attempts to make a deal for the sixth key while the other half researches what awaits them in the Castle of the Gods on The Magicians Season 3 Episode 12.

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After discovering Tick's bounty on their heads, the former High King and Queen of Fillory attempt to take back their thrones. To do this, Fen, Margo and Eliot turn to Fray to summon the Fairy Queen. After already having given up part of her community's protection, the Queen isn't looking for another risky deal. Instead, she promises them assistance with the sixth key if they can ensure her people's safety. With the help of Julia and Josh they launch Fillory's first democratic election for ruler, with Eliot freezing Margo out of the campaign to her anger. The team and Tick constantly attempt to one-up each other right until voting day when it's revealed who the people and creatures of Fillory have chosen to be their first elected ruler.

Back on Earth, Alice returns to The Library to seek out info about what the Castle of the Gods holds, but instead is asked to contain magic in a single orb as soon as it is turned back on. To do that she'll need Julia to give over her god-ly powers, which Alice (and a spying Penny), are hesitant about. When Quentin finds out, he confronts Alice and her decision to help give the control of all of magic over to The Library. Meanwhile, Julia must face her rapist Reynard after Penny and Kady suggest asking him about the Castle of the Gods.

Episode Details

On The Magicians Season 3 Episode 12, Julia makes amends, while Alice makes a confession, and the political situation in Fillory comes to a head.

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The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Josh: Previously... on "Us."
Penny: What?
Josh: Just imagine, an montage. A group of fine looking grad students were invited to a secret school for magic, where a bunch of stuff happened that doesn't really matter until they ran into a mysterious figure. An answer to a riddle they didn't even know to ask.
Penny: It's you.
Josh: Do you want this recap or not?

Zelda: I have heard of the Castle at the End of the World. It was built by the gods but its contents are secret by design. All we mortals know is that we are not meant to know.
Alice: Why wouldn't they want you to know what's inside?
Zelda: Perhaps it is indeed the lair of a horrifying monster. Or, perhaps they simply enjoy tormenting those of us that dedicate our lives to cataloging information.
Alice: Well, whatever their motive, we'd be idiots to go in totally blind.
Zelda: Then ask someone who's been inside. A god. I believe your friends have had encounters with them.