The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 4
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A beautiful village is attacked and pillaged by armored scaly-skinned raiders. A woman and her young daughter survive by hiding in a swamp until they leave.

Elsewhere, on the Mandolorian's ship, Mando flies through space while the Jedi baby he saved at the end of Season 1 Episode 3 plays with the controls.

Mando looks up a land called Sorgan where he assures the Jedi baby they would be safe. They speed off towards this new land.

They arrive in Sorgan, the village raided in the cold open. 

While exploring the territory, Mando and the Jedi baby enter a market place where Mando orders a bowl of bone broth for the child. But Mando is distracted by a mysterious female customer and attempts to bribe the waitress into providing information about her. He leaves to follow the woman, leaving the Jedi baby under the watch of the waitress.

While attempting to locate her, the woman surprises Mando and attacks him. They fight, until they see the Jedi Baby watching them. They decide to enjoy the soup together.

The woman, Cara Dune, exposits of her time working as a shock trooper under the imperial warlords "after Endor" and retiring to Sorgan to get away from her peacekeeping and riot suppression duties. Mando says he accepts that he is the one to leave.

While preparing to leave, Mando is approached by two village men who implore him to help fight off the raiders.They say their whole harvest was taken and offer as much money as they have -- but it's not enough for the Mandolorian, who is not one to act as a mercenary.  

The villagers try to guilt Mando by complaining that they have to walk home alone now -- in the middle of nowhere. Mando agrees to help in exchange for room and board and the money. 

Mando enlists Cara to help, who also could benefit from shelter.

In the morning, they arrive at the village, wehere they will be staying in a Barn belonging to Omera, the woman who saved her daughter, Winta, at the episode's start.

While Winta befriends and plays with the Jedi baby, Omera and Mando start getting to know each other. Mando reveals that he hasn't taken his mask off in front of anyone since he was a child. He tells Omera that his parents were killed when he was young and that he is grateful the Mandalorians took him in to care for him.

Later, in the forrest, Mando and Cara find prints in the ground that indicate an AT-ST Imperial Walker accompanied the raiders on their attack of the village. Cara refuses to continue with the mission.

Mando and Cara tell the villagers they must move away, but the villagers say they have nowhere to go and they created this village by hand. They beg the two heroes to teach them how to fight the attackers -- and the AT-ST.

Cara instructs them to build an underground trap, since nothing on the planet can destroy the AT-ST's legs.Mando teaches them how to build barricades and recruits Omera to assist him -- along with only a few others -- when she says she knows how to shoot.

The villagers train.

Mando and Cara leave at sunset to find the raiders and locate their headquarters, where they are attacked by a handful of them and persevere. Mando triggers an explosive that destroys the headquarters, leading to the appearance of the AT-ST Walker.

Mando and Cara lead it back to the village, but the AT-ST detects the underground trap and doesn't fall for it. Instead, it opens fire on the villagers, as the raiders follow.

During this battle,Cara implements a new plan and runs into the underground trap to shoot at the AT-ST in hopes of drawing it forward into the trap. After some time, the plan works and the walker falls in.

With the help of another explosive set off by Mando and the diligent firing by the villagers, the raiders retreat.

Weeks later, the village children are amused to watch as the Jedi baby catches a frog and attempts to eat it -- but eventually lets it go.

Mando and Cara watch on and discuss their present situation. Mando says the excitement they brought will draw too much attention and that it's a good idea to move on. But since the Jedi baby seems happy, Mando decides to leave him in the village, where he is happy and safe.

Mando says goodbye to Omera and tells her the Jedi baby will be happy there. She tries to pursuade him to stay but he convinces her he doesn't belong.

The conversation is interrupted by another murderous visitor trying to sneakily shoot at the Jedi baby; he is killed by Cara just in time. Mando and Cara notice and destroy a tracking device used to locate the child.

To stay safe from those that know the Jedi baby is in the village, Mando decides to take him back with him along on his travels, leaving Cara and the rest of the villagers to their peace, 

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The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Mando: Let's see ... Sorgan: looks like there's no starport, no industrial centers, no population density -- real backwater skuggle-home. Which means it's perfect for us. Ready to lay low and stretch your legs for a couple months, you little womp rat? Nobody's gonna find us here.

[Jedi baby pushes buttons in cockpit]
Mando: Stop touching things.
[Jedi baby coyly pushes one more button]
[Sound effects: rattle jang boom]