A Reunion - The Mandalorian
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Mando and The Child arrive in an unknown town, determined to find more Mandalorians, but things get difficult when a one-eyed man attacks them. 

Mando kills his goons and promises not to kill him if he tells them the location. He says Tatooine, and Mando shoots the light and allows creatures in the night to kill him. 

In Mos Pelegos, Mando asks to fight the Marshal, aka Cobb, who is wearing the outfit. 

He tells Mando he came across crystals after escaping war and was picked up by Jawas, who wanted them. 

He traded the crystals for the costume and returned to town and saved everyone. 

As they are about to fight, a krayt dragon appears in town. 

They make an alliance to fight it and kill it, but they also have to make an allaince between the Tusken raiders and the townsfolk. 

They all arrive at the fight but it comes down to Din and Cobb to win, and they do so. 

Mando leaves with the armor and Boba Fett is seen watching them from the distance. 

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The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

If this thing ever divides or buds, I will gladly pay for the offspring. Peli


Give it to me now or I will peel it off your corpse.

Gor Koresh