Pershing Returns - The Mandalorian
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Bo-Katan confirms to Din that he went through the springs and is ready to be Mandalorian again.

They leave Mandalore but are attacked by TIE bombers and find themselves in danger when they arrive at Kalevala.

The bombers blow up the castle and just as Bo-Katan prepares the next phase of her attack, more of them appear.

Din says he knows where they can go and they rush away to safety.

In Coruscant, we catch up with Pershing who has gone through the Amnesty program and is being reintegrated into society.

He meets with Elia who strikes a bond with him and they speak about working on Moff Gideon's ship.

Elia gives Pershing the travel biscuits they used to have and then she starts trying to tell him that the country is getting rid of some of the materials.

He reluctantly helps her, but we then learn that she's been working as an informant to make sure that people are not going against the New Republic.

He is attached to the Mind Flayer and Elia turns the machine up to the highest, which could kill him.

Bo-Katan and Din arrive at Children of the Watch and tell them about Mandalore.

The Armorer asks if she wants to be with them on a more permanent basis.


The Mandalorian
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The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Din: I am redeemed.
Bo-Katan: I witnessed it. You bathed in the Living Waters. You are Mandalorian again.
Din: Can we leave now?
Bo-Katan: Can I ask you something?
Din: What is it?
Bo-Katan: You see anything down there?
Din: I saw the chasm passing me as I fell. I didn't realize it was so deep.
Bo-Katan: It wasn't. The bombings from the Purge must have triggered seismic activities. Did you see anything alive?
Din: Alive? Like what?
Bo-Katan: Nothing. Let's get out of here.

Din: Bring me to my ship and I'll be on my way. You will forever have my gratitude.
Bo-Katan: I would invite you in for a feast, but I'm guessing that helmet isn't coming off again.
Din: This is the Way.
Bo-Katan: This is the Way.