Midge at the Reception - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4 Episode 5
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Susie interviews some women to be her secretary. Susie has some difficulties, as she's never had to interview anyone. She refers to a book to help her ask the right questions, but it doesn't help.

Susie calls Fred and asks for advice. He tells her she needs to know how they chew -- if they chew loudly, they're no good. Susie offers the next candidate an apple, but she refuses to eat it.

Midge tries to balance her checkbook with her arm in a sling but cannot make it work. She knocks on her parents' bedroom door and asks her father to help. He gets up -- not without some grief from Rose.

Midge requests that they stop fighting. Abe helps Midge with the numbers. Abe is surprised she doesn't make more selling Tupperware. Midge points out the toasters and aquarium she has "won" for her efforts. Abe wonders if Joel could contribute more. Midge assures her father that Joel is doing all he can.

Abe calculates the balance. He asks if he can read his book in the kitchen.

The phone rings at Joel's while he and Mei have breakfast and read the paper. They discuss the presidential candidates. The doorbell rings. Frustrated, Mei asks if he's going to answer the door. Joel says it could be one of his mother's girls.

Joel explains the whole system he has to avoid the women his mother sends him. Mei relents and says she will meet his parents.

Midge shows up at Susie's office to show her something strange she received in the mail -- an invitation to Shy Baldwin's wedding. Susie wonders why she wasn't invited. Midge picks up an envelope from a pile on Susie's desk and hands it to her. Susie opens it -- it's also an invitation to Shy's wedding. It's in three days.

Midge says she's going to RSVP 'Yes' and not attend. Susie thinks they should go. A puff of smoke appears behind the door, and Alfie enters, asking if they saw it. Midge confirms that they did. He gets frustrated and retreats to his room.

Zelda nets a dead fish from the aquarium and flushes it down the sink. Rose gets a phone call. It's a client sending a car to pick her up and take her to Scarsdale.

The car takes her to a posh ranch. Solomon Melamid, patting a horse, greets her. Rose lets him know that she grew up around horses in Oklahoma. He asks her to join him in a walk. They discuss the magnificent house, which Rose has seen in Town & Country. She clarifies that his family is in the railroad business.

Melamid mentions that he heard about her matchmaking when she matched his lawyer's daughter. Melamid explains that his two daughters are unmarried in their early 30s.

She asks him to tell her about them. Norma likes stable boys. Lorraine got kicked in the head as a child, so she's been an easy target for gold-diggers and schemers. He needs husbands for his daughters to bring into the family business.

Solomon appoints her matchmaker, telling her his daughters live in the city. He stresses one more thing -- respectability is of the utmost importance.

When Rose returns home, the apartment appears empty. She finds a bowl of matchbooks with the strip club's logo on them. She looks through Midge's drawer to find a box of newspaper clipping, one detailing Midge's new job at the Wolford strip club.

Susie meets Sophie, who is in disguise, at the Stage Deli. Sophie complains that she had to take a cab. Susie points out Mike Carr, who books the Gordon Ford show. Susie introduces Sophie to Mike, and they sit with him.

Susie offers Mike an interview for Gordon Ford with Sophie, saying Sophie went from being a massive star to having a nervous breakdown. Mike says they can't talk about that on television. Susie says everything on the Gordon Ford show is boring and predictable -- Sophie would be a wild card, and Gordon would shoot up in the ratings.

Mike thinks it's risky, but takes her card and says he'll call.

A dancer performs an elaborate bubble bath routine at the Wolford. Rose is in the audience. She orders water and two sherries. Midge takes the stage. Midge makes a few off-color jokes about fathers, and Rose downs her sherry.

Midge gets home to find her mother waiting up for her. Rose asks where Midge has been. Midge says that she and Susie went out to eat after work. Rose tells her that she has a new rich client to whom discretion is paramount.

Midge gets wind of what her mother is trying to say and storms into the living room because she knows it's going to get loud, and she doesn't want to wake the kids. Rose follows. Rose tells Midge her comedy is not the problem -- it's working in a strip club.

Midge accuses Rose of snooping and going through her things. Midge argues that she is doing her act how she wants to. Rose says she's a stripper. Midge insists she is a comic, getting paid regular money. Rose wants her to quit -- her position with Melamid is very important to her.

Frustrated, Midge replies that her own job is just an important to her.

Susie and Midge arrive at Shy Baldwin's wedding reception. They mess up one of the floral arrangements then hit the bar. They order the most expensive drinks possible. Susie flings Midge in front of the photographers. A

fter getting her picture taken, they waste a tray of canapés and spot Sidney Poitier and Jimmy Stewart. They eat some delicious canapés and realize they are enjoying themselves. The lights dim, the music changes, and Shy enters with his new wife.

They take to the dance floor for a bit, then Shy takes the stage and sings to her. When he's done, he thanks everyone for coming, says he's the luckiest man in the world, and talks about Reggie. Midge loudly knocks over a tray of food.

Shy introduces a friend to get up to the stage -- Harry Belafonte. Harry Belafonte sings while Midge and Susie continue to drink.

Joel returns home. Mei shows him her new dress. He says she looks great. She's nervous and wants to do everything perfectly. She doesn't want to be late. He tells her to relax. She goes to try on the other dress and possibly throw up.

The doorbell rings at Moishe and Shirley's. Joel is alone. He explains that Mei was feeling sick on the way and so he took her home. Joel says she picked out the wine and hands it to his dad. They ask him to tell them everything about her over dinner. He starts by saying her name is Rachel.

At the reception, Midge and Susie continue to eat food. Midge sees Shy go off alone and decides to follow. She finds Shy in the bathroom. Shy is surprised to see her. He explains that the PR team made the guest list. Jerry Lewis wasn't invited and Princess Grace is by the bar.

Midge remarks that Monica looks beautiful. Shy says she's nice and enjoys puzzles. He says he bought her a house in Beverly Hills, as he's always traveling. Midge notes that his whole old band is missing. He says he wanted a new sound and got a new band. He says he misses her brisket.

Midge thinks he should have let her on the plane. She was going to apologize for fucking up. She explains that she had to follow Moms Mabley, and she was desperate for a laugh. She says she never meant to hurt him. She takes her friendships seriously, and she didn't even want her job back -- she just would have apologized. 

Shy says if he'd let them on the plane, Susie would have stabbed him. He says he'll be back in the states and offers to go out for a drink together. MIdge insists that she's not falling for that again. She wishes him all the best and leaves.

Midge gets Susie, and they start to leave. Two large men ask Susie and Midge to come with them.

They take them to a room full of men. Lou greets them. He introduces them to Shy's new agent, Ken Bruny. They tell them Shy will be the lead in Billy Wilder's new film. Lou says that everyone knows about Shy's "proclivities," but they are going got to help him stay "straight."

They inform Susie and Midge that Reggie is gone, as he was too close to Shy to control him. Midge wonders if this was because of her set at the Apollo. They assure her it's been a long time coming, but the Apollo did give them an opening.

They insist Reggie is happy and got a good severance. Ken says he wants to make it right. They offer Midge $2000 to sign a document that says she won't besmirch Shy publicly or privately. She says no. They raise the money in credments up to, finally, $12,000. Susie moans in agony.

The men tell her once she's out the door, the offer's gone. Midge says she promised Shy she never would say anything. Shy is all that matters to her. Midge storms out. They leave, taking a whole bunch of gift bags on the way.

Midge and Susie get a cab. Midge sees Shy smoking outside alone.

Moishe shows up at Joel's club. He's impressed. Joel orders a couple of whiskeys. Moishe offers him advice on how to be a good boss and asks if the girlfriend is around. Joel says she's studying for medical school.

Moishe says Joel's stories weren't exactly straight at dinner -- he kept changing her name. Joel says he was nervous. Moishe says he's fine with whatever -- it's clear Joel likes her -- but Shirley is extremely excited.

Moishe says dinner helped give Joel a reprieve -- he won't get so many phone calls, and Joel assures him there really is a girl.

Sophie waits backstage for her interview with Gordon Ford. Susie checks in with her. Sophie says she wants to go home.

The show begins. Gordon Ford introduces Sophie, and she heads on to set to applause.

Gordon asks how "nutsy-wacko" she is. She plays along, nervous but game. Gordon says he will ask her about some rumors, and she will respond with how true they are. He asks a few silly ones, and she responds with hilarious zingers. 

Gordon asks, "Are you an addict?" and a hush falls over the crowd. He hands her a list of substances. She looks it over and responds with a joke, breaking the tension.

At home, Abe and Rose watch the interview, laughing. Abe mentions that there should be a separate box that allows you to pause and rewind.

There is a knock at the door. Rose goes to answer it -- an envelope has come under the door. The card in it has a fancy border and in the beautiful calligraphy, it reads, "Stop."

Back at the television studio, Gordon decides to bump his next guest to keep talking to Sophie. He asks what happened the night of her Broadway debut. Sophie says she got scared. She was afraid she'd be good. She got so close to achieving everything she wanted and blew it up.

As the interview concludes, Gordon asks if they'll ever see "Sophie from Queens" again. The audience applauds and cheers. Sophie says she wants her fans to get to know the real her. Gordon thanks her, appreciating her bravery, and says he looks forward to seeing what she does next.

Susie gets back to her office. A young lady is waiting outside, hoping to interview for the secretary position. She says she's been here since 3:30. Susie hires her on the spot. The young woman says she'll be in at noon. Susie tells her that her first job will be to tell all the others they didn't get the job.

Midge gets a cab. She sees something that makes her want to stop. Midge tells the driver to pull over, and she gets out and runs towards something or someone.

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