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Marjorie lets the family know that she will have to have surgery and will be in the hospital over night. 

She asks Ronny to take her to the hospital because the rest of the McCarthy kids can't. Jackie is too dramatic, Gerard is too squeamish, and Sean, well Sean would intimidate the doctors because of his medical skills (according to Sean). 

Arthur tells Marjorie he will drive her, but she says he can't miss his big basketball game. Ronny agrees to take her to the hospital, after Arthur tells him he can miss the game. 

As Marjorie prepares for her time in the hospital, we learn that it will be the first time that Arthur and Marjorie will be apart for a night. To help Arthur, Marjorie prepares a survival guide with emergency contacts, things to drink, options for food, and things not to do (like use the stove). Arthur insists he will be fine. 

Marjorie and Ronny are at the hospital before Marjorie's surgery and Marjorie calls Arthur to see how he is doing. He insists everything is okay, but we see Arthur and he is laying on the floor with grilled cheese on him. He calls Gerard telling him he thinks he sprained his ankle making grilled cheese. 

Arthur ends up in the hospital and does have a sprained ankle and was also dehydrated. Ronny has to coach the big game in Arthur's presence. 

It's up to Gerard and Sean to make up a story to Marjorie about where Ronny is. When Marjorie comes out of it, they offer an elaborate plan on where Ronny is. 

Meanwhile, Arthur is able to be released from the hospital but he has to get wheeled past Marjorie's room. Sean distracts Marjorie, but she ends up spotting Arthur when Gerard can't get him to the lobby because he gets too queasy. 


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