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The McCarthys are at their usual pub eating dinner and it's team trivia night. 

As they start asking the questions, the family members start answering everything right. 

Meanwhile, Marjorie checks her phone and finds out her sister is coming into town for a visit. She is less than thrilled. 

Gerard, Marjorie, Jackie and Ronny answer questions right and Marjorie suggests they should form a team and spend some time together. Everyone is on board except Arthur, until he finds out a $50 restaurant gift card is up for grabs. 

The McCarthys are finishing up another week of trivia winning at the pub, and are all wearing matching t-shirts calling themselves the Smarty Pints. After another win, and $50 gift card, the family starts to prepare for Eileen (Marjorie's sister's visit).

They go over their talking points and talk about all the great things they can say happened during the year. Sean was inducted into the high school hall of fame, Gerard got a coaching job, Ronny/Arthur's basketball team is undefeated and Jackie is pregnant. 

Marjorie thinks that sounds good, with one tweak - instead of the father of Jackie's baby being six feet under, he's six feet tall and out of town on business. 

The family gathers at the parents house and they are all dressed up ready to go out to dinner with Eileen and her family. They always go to a nice restaurant and Eileen and her husband pay. 

Marjorie tells the family a story they've heard a million times, that Eileen killed Marjorie's horse - a pink rocking house, by putting it behind their dad's car before he backed out and ruined it. 

They go to dinner and the family's are sharing backhanded jabs at each other. Things come to a head, and Marjorie tells Eileen that they don't want their handouts and that they are paying for dinner. Ronny brings up the rocking horse, and Eileen tells Marjorie she doesn't know what she is talking about. 

The family is back at the pub for another week of trivia, and Arthur is upset about how much they spent on dinner. Marjorie is just happy that they don't have to see her sister for another year, but then in walks Eileen and the rest of her family. 

Team Smarty Pints will go up against Triv and Let Die, in the lightning round. As each family gets a couple correct answers, it comes down to the last question. Eileen's son and his boyfriend (who had recently come out as gay - which prompted Eileen to tell Marjorie she is not the only one with a gay son), are having problems and Marjorie calls cheating when the boyfriend is looking on his phone. He wasn't looking for the answers, but instead texting a former flame. We find out he was cheating on Eileen's son, which leads up to find out that Eileen has been lying and things are not as great as they seem. Her husband isn't a partner at a big law firm, but instead quit his job to pursue his real dream - becoming a magician. 

Marjorie can't believe what she is hearing. It leads Eileen to admit that she did break the rocking chair, and that her resentment for Marjorie started when they received those rocking chairs and Marjorie got the pink one. Eileen also tells Marjorie that she overheard her parents when they were younger talking about how Marjorie was the favorite, and that they wished there were two Marjories. 

This leads to the two sisters sitting down and really talking over a few beers. 

As the final question still hangs in the balance, Triv or Let Die answers correctly for the win. 

The McCarthy clan is back at home, and Marjorie walks in after her drinks with Eileen. The two have come to a truce, and Marjorie feels good about it. She says that while Eileen's kids are off accomplishing things, she never gets to see them. Sean points out that Marjorie always gets to see her kids, and Marjorie wonders if there is a better balance between never seeing her kids, and ALWAYS seeing her kids. 

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Pinky was dead!


Come on Jackie, be part of the solution!