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As the McCarthy family prepares for Thanksgiving dinner, they learn Gerard and his ex-girlfriend Katrina are back together. The McCarthys, who can't believe Gerard is back with her, plot ways to get them to break up. 

When Katrina stops over the house, she mentions she doesn't have anywhere to be on Thanksgiving, and after some awkward silence Ronnie invites her over to the McCarthy Thanksgiving dinner. Marjorie, and the rest of the clan can't believe Ronnie did that, and tell him he needs to find a way to make sure she doesn't come.

Ronnie and Gerard go out for a couple drinks at the local bar, and Ronnie goes on about how everyone at dinner with be family and since Katrina won't maybe Gerard should do something about that. Gerard misses what he implies and thinks Ronnie is telling him he should propose to Katrina. 

As Thanksgiving dinner, Jackie is preparing the pumpkin pie, but can't figure out the recipe, and worries she won't be able to cook for her unborn child. Marjorie and Jackie share a cute mother/daughter moment, which calms Jackie's nerves. 

Gerard shows up to dinner with a ring and is set to propose, but has to do it before 8pm, when Katrina plans to leave to get in line for Black Friday shopping. The rest of the McCarthy clan tries to stall Gerard so he can't propose before 8pm, but Gerard finally gets down on one knee and proposes. 

Katrina replies with a "pass", and as she is about to leave, the rest of the family comes to Gerard's defense saying any girl would be lucky to have him, and so on. It convinces Katrina that they are right, and accepts Gerard's proposal. They exit to celebrate their engagement while shopping. 

As the episode wraps up, the rest of the family is around the television and hears of a local news story where someone was trampled during Black Friday shopping, but it's a 50 year old man, and they all sigh, wishing it was Katrina. 

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Uncomfortable silences are my weakness.


You gotta love Thanksgiving! Family, food and football!