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Everyone is at headquarters when agent Hightower sends Van Pelt and Cho to check out the case, specifically.

When they get there, there is a woman who has been beaten severely.  Jane gets there first and is able to questioning the victim.  She can't remember anything about herself, but is able to get some information that she was in a stable.

The find the nearest stable and inside is three people murdered.  Jane tells them that two of the victims we intentional and two weren't because the I.D. cards were and were not taken.

Agent Hightower tells Rigsby and Van Pelt that if they stay together one must leave the unit. She tells Lisbon she will be noted for not doing anything prior.

One of the victims Leonard, was one of the ones that Jane thinks is intentional.  He lived on the reservation.  Jane and Lisbon get accompanied to the reservation to question the locals about Leonard.  No one tells them anything until Jane beats a kid in a pool game.

Cho and Rigsby search the trails where one of the couples were killed. The sheriff shows them a way to get to a certain area. When they get there, they find a bunch of pot plants and people start shooting at them.

They get a call in that the pot growers were paying the forest ranger two grand a month to grow there.  He tries to run away, but they catch him.

Jane and Lisbon meet up with Leonard's girlfriend. They then try a local gift shop of the reservation. Jane buys a couple post cards and he shows it to their Jane Doe.

Rigsby tells Van Pelt that he wants to transfer because he loves her.

Jane takes Jane Doe with Van Pelt's help to the reservation during their ceremony for Leonard. He brings Jane Doe up, but she doesn't recognize anyone or anything. Jane sidetracks her thoughts and she is able to remember, just not enough.

They find the killer searching by the lake for evidence.  He admits that fully for killing Leonard and the two other people because he was going to tell the truth about them dumping toxins in the lake.

Van Pelt breaks up with Rigsby because she doesn't want him to leave the force.

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The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

It's hard to lie when you are thinking about something else.


Yep, that's a shoe.