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Cho gets a call from a detective that tells him that the murdered victim has called his cell phone three times in the last three days.  He goes to the crime scene with Jane. Jane knows something is up and questions Cho around the dead man.

The victim is David - he was a gang member who used to be Cho’s best friend - almost a brother. His mother comes to visit Cho and tells him that David was not in a gang anymore. She begs Cho for his help.

Initially, Cho says no way, but with Jane’s convincing he agrees.  They go to visit John-John.  John-John tells him that David quit completely when he got out of prison, but started dealing directly with the head boss and no one else. 

Before they leave, Jane asks John-John if he has ever scene the list that was on David when he died.  John-John says no.

They get back to the CBI headquarters and Lisbon tells them to drop the case. Jane doesn’t want to let go, but Cho does.

They end up going to David’s work and asking a co-worker, Frank, if he knew of anything suspicious going on.  Frank tells them nothing and Jane asks him if he knows if the list had any meaning to him. Frank denies ever seeing the list.

When Cho gets home, he and his girlfriend are chatting on the couch when two masked men break into their home and handcuff them and beat them up.  They say that they work for KS and that they should leave the gang alone and to stop asking questions.

Jane and Cho track down the gang leader.  Cho sneaks into his house. He gets KS to admit that he sold coke to David, but that is it. KS said he had nothing whatsoever to do with David’s death. Jane asks the gang leader if he recognizes the list and he also says no.

Meanwhile, Rigsby and Van Pelt go searching where David worked. They interview his boss who tells them that he never worked with the janitors so he really knows nothing.

Jane tells Cho that he believes that KS had nothing to do with David’s murder. He did but a bunch of coke from him, so where could that be? They realize that David’s boss’ assistant, Crystal did have a runny nose.

Crystal told the CBI team that Adam was the one who not only beat her and gave her the drugs, but was the one who convinced David to buy the coke.  He caught David stealing laptops and because Adam knew of David’s shady past, he blackmails him into buying the coke for him.

Cho believes that they have their guy. Jane, Rigsby and Cho head down to find Adam at his office.  Cho confronts Adam aggressively and demands him to admit that he killed David and beat up his girlfriend. Adam does admit to buying the drugs from David, but adamantly denies ever killing or beating up anyone.

Cho causes a scene and forces Adam outside. He beats him up and fires his gun twice.

Rigsby and Jane come running out with Frank. Adam is lying on the floor dead. Jane gets Frank to admit that he was the one that killed Adam and beat up Cho’s girlfriend. He then goes on to explain that the numbers on the list were all account number he stole with the help of David. Once David told him that he would stop, he feared that he would go to the police, so he killed him.

He also admitted to being the one who beat on Cho’s girlfriend. Frank said he did this to make them stop chasing the case.

At this point, Adam gets up and Frank realizes that this was all just a set-up to have him confess. 

The next day, Adam and his attorney meet with the CBI team telling them that Cho has a big lawsuit on his hands.  Lisbon comes back to tell them that so does Adam, along with drug trafficking and violence. Adam decides to drop the case.

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The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

(to Rigsby) You're not getting enough sex from Van Pelt.


Come on man - I'll give you twenty bucks.