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The episode begins with a man named Alexander giving a toast to his son, Xander, the new CEO of the big corporation. Xander walks out and falls to the floor. He is murdered by a mail opener in his office. The CBI team find out that a confidential folder is missing.

The newspaper that they own was about to lay off people and there was a confidential list of the names that said who was to be laid off. Jane interviews the employees of the newspaper and is able to point out that one lady, Heather, has blood on her shoes.

They bring in Heather for investigating. She tells them that there were no lights on and she just went in there to take the file and ran. She tells them that Ed Harrington, Xander’s brother, told her that there was the file.

Jane and Lisbon head to the murder scene to investigate Alexander and his wife.  Xander’s daughter, Ashley, is hidden under the table playing tea party when Jane finds her.

Jane and Lisbon head outside to speak with Xander’s wife, Sadie. She tells them of this cult that the newspaper was about to run a series on. They call themselves the visualize group. She tells them that they got a nasty letter from the leader - Brett Stiles- to not run the article.

Hightower tells Van Pelt to go with Rigsby to investigate Ed.  Ed informs them that Xander was their father’s right hand man. He also tells them that he did not kill his brother.

Jane and Cho go to investigate Brett. While there, Jane volunteers to get tested. Brett’s assistant tells them that Xander and his wife were having troubles and were getting a divorce.

Alexander gets a text that there is a bomb in the house.  Lisbon calls Jane who helps her find the bomb, but Ashley comes into the room and wont leave without her mother. Lisbon almost runs out of time when she is able to disengage the bomb.

Alexander hands over the company to Sadie over Ed to run. Ed is not pleased that he is overlooked again. 

Elizabeth Stanfield is Sadie’s assistant. Cho and Rigsby get a warrant to search her home. They find a visualize book that is personally autographed by Brett.

Jane and Lisbon go to investigate Brett. He tells them that he doesn’t really know Elizabeth. Jane calls him out for lying.  Brett ruffles Jane’s feathers by bring up his departed family. Lisbon gets Brett to tell them that Elizabeth went to stay at Ed’s house.

Rigsby and Van Pelt head to Ed’s house and find Elizabeth and Ed hooking up.  They bring Ed and Elizabeth into investigation. 

The whole CBI team head to Mr. Harrington’s home to keep watch over the family. Jane hears a noise coming from Xander’s office. When they get there he finds a pink teacup. Jane puts it together that Ashley saw the whole murder and that is why she has been so withdrawn.

The night, the home security has been breached and Lisbon sends Mr. Harrington and Ashley into a safe vault. While inside, Mr. Harrington admits to his granddaughter that he killed Xander on accident. Cho is also inside the vault and arrests Alexander. 

Back at the station, Mr. Harrington admits that he killed Xander because he thought that Xander and his wife were having an affair. After he found out that he wasn’t the biological father to Ella, he confronted Xander and he didn’t deny it. This infuriated Alexander and he killed him. It turned out that Ed was really the one having an affair with his father’s wife. 

Late that day, Brett goes to meet with  Agent Hightower about Jane. Agent Hightower tells Brett tha she will handle it and that Brett should really watch his own steps that he make. After he leave, Hightower tells Jane not to press his luck.

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The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Good-looking women live in a different world.


Jane: That is a very lovely dress - great color.
Heather: Thank you I am Heather Evans.