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The episode begins with a man and woman waiting for Mr. Hector Brava - who is about to go on stage to speak about trafficking humans. He gets a page from Carmen to meet him in the back of the stage. His assistant goes after him and finds him dead on the ground with a bleeding head.

Lisbon and Jane get to the scene of the crime and start questioning the sheriff about what he knows. Jane puts it together that the killer did not want Hector to give his speech and the murder was an act of desperation to get him to stop.

Kristina Frye is the psychic that the sheriff is working with on their cases.  She has a  history with Jane.

Jane, Lisbon, and Kristina interview Hector’s wife, Ilsa, who tells them that they should really speak to Hector’s researcher - Russell. Kristina tries to use her psychic abilities on Mrs. Brava. She is able to see cherry blossom trees. Jane questions her if she was cheating on Hector and she throws her tea cup at him.

Cho and Rigsby interview Russell who told them that the coalition was a front and they were actually the head traffickers. That the coalition used them to get rid of the other traffickers to become the main contender.

They go to interview the leader of the coalition who tells them to speak to Mr. Shah.  They investigate more to find out that he is lying and has everything to do with the trafficking.

Kristina is already meeting with Mr. Shah when he tells them that he was attempting to get with Ilsa and wanted to tell Hector of his feelings for her. The night before the murder, Mr. Shah caught a young woman, Carmen, leaving his hotel. He confronts his old friend and they get in a fight.

Cho and Rigsby get a tip and find a truck full of ladies. This ties the leader of the coalition back into being a suspect. Jane can tell that he is not the killer.

Jane and Kristina go and interview Ilsa about the night before Hector died.  Jane asks Lisbon to meet him at the hotel bar.  When she gets there Jane is with a young Russian woman and is able to get information that Hector would get Russell to get prostitutes for him.

Russell tells them that he got Hector a prostitute named Claret who he gave a key to his house to be a regular.  They search Hector’s second home and find a card for a prostitute named Carmen.

There are two Carmen’s and the one that Cho and Rigsby find is dead. The other claims to be Hector’s daughter.

They bring in his daughter for questioning. She tells them that before her mother died, she told her that her father was Hector.   The night before his murder she goes to visit him and tell him that she is his daughter and he explodes on her and tells her to leave.

Sally Alvarez was pretending to be Carmen and the person who killed her also killed Hector.

Kristina starts a séance to find out who the killer was. Jane stands by and is able to figure out who the killer is.

Russell freaks out and falls out of his chair. He is the killer and he tells Cho the reason why he did what he did was because he was mad at him and wanted his money. He had Sally pretend that he was his daughter after he slept with her, which Russell used as a  bribe to get hush money.

When the real Carmen came looking for her father, Hector began to question Russell’s intentions. Russell felt hopeless and thought the only thing he could do is kill both Hector and Sally to not get in trouble.

The episode ends with a promise of a date between Kristina and Jane.

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The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Why don't we give them a little time to catch up. Sorry about the mom thing.


Sheriff: So you're the psychic -
Jane: No, there's no such thing of psychics.