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Jane and Lisbon head over to a high end luxury car dealership. The body of  Liselle Douglas was found a inside a luxury car.

Liselle Douglas was supposed to host the party. Every six months they have a sales drive.  She did well because she was beautiful and  since she was the only woman salesman, they felt like she had an unfair advantage.

Lisbon meets with Van Pelt and Rigsby. She tells them that she must report there relationship because dating in the unit is against the law.  At the end of the case she will file a report that will have one of them transferred.

Lisbon tells Jane that she is not jealous or resentful, but Jane feels that this is not the case. He think Lisbon is envious of Rigsby and Van Pelt’s relationship and shot at a normal life.

Lisbon and Jane head to Liselle’s home and meet with her fiancé. He tells them that he hated Liselle working at the dealership, but she was the bread winner. His music career didn’t pay for anything. Liselle apparently never kept anything that the rich men would give her except one print that Jane noticed was quite valuable. Jeff, her fiancé said she kept it in order to pay for their wedding.

Van Pelt found out that the print was purchased by a man named Walter Mashurn.  Jane and Lisbon head to the country club and run into Walter. They sit down with him for lunch and go over how he knew the murder victim. He tells them that Liselle sould him on of the rarest cars you could find. She earned the painting.  As much as he could be a murder suspect they have nothing on him.

The report comes back on how Liselle was killed. Someone hit her with a car. The unit finds out that the night of her death a 1986 Ferrari was stolen and brought back. The Ferrari was brought in to the dealership to have some work done and was stolen from one of their client’s husband.

Jane and Lisbon track down the client. He said it was his car that he used to go to Vegas with. That night, he brought it in because he has some illegal drugs in it. Liselle was the one who sold him the car, but he couldn’t get a hold of her. Her fiancé, Jeff, took the car to get rid of the evidence. Lisbon and the gang go on the trail, but Jane stays behind to fish.  Jeff has wrecked the car and admits to killing Liselle.

Jane meets up with Walter. Walter is loving the excitement of being a suspect. Jane shows Walter and his country club friends a couple tricks of the mind. Everyone has a subconscious way of acting in stressful times and to prove that, Jane asks Walter to hide his ring.  After a couple questions, Jane finds it without a hitch. Walter is somewhat impressed.

Chow comes in time to see Jane strart to drive blindfolded. The only way he is able to drive is by reading Walter’s emotions. He speeds through with flying colors, but forgets to lock the car. The car goes speeding off the road into the ocean. 

Jane goes to the car dealership with Walter to pick up a new car. Jane asks the number two salesman, Elias,  to help them find the perfect car for Walter. After walking around, Jane points out a red Ferrari that Elias is ferment that it is not the best car. Because of his reactions, Jane knows it is the car he killed Liselle with.

Elias tries to run away, but Chow captures him. They bring him into the station where he confesses and tells why he killed her. Apparently, he made Kenzie sick by poisoning his beef barley soup. Liselle caught him doing so. He knew she would either go to the cops and/or tell their boss. He acted fast and killed her.

The episode ends with Jane borrowing Walter’s new pimped out Mercedes and takes Lisbon to dinner.

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Unless you are very cunning and you are working a double bluff - no I didn't think so.


I just love the smell of a new car.