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Jane, Lisbon, and Van Pelt are hot on a new case. They get a call in that a couple was found dead in a car. Jane uses his natural ability to detect things and puts together that they must have been on their way to a class reunion.

Patrick and Theresa find out from the local police that there indeed is a fifteen year high school weekend reunion currently going on. They head to the reunion and start the investigation.

Patrick points out to Theresa how much everyone tries to look like they changed, but in reality everyone is still the same person they were in high school. To continue with his accuracy, Jane interviews the head dumb jock LJ. He tells them about the murdered man Selby.

Selby was a shy guy who got in trouble for doing a humiliating prank on a kid named Derek Logan. Apparently, Logan was blindly tied up in the girl’s locker room practically naked. This traumatized Logan so much that he had to change schools. 

Jane interviews another student, Willa. She was pretty much the most popular girl – class President, got straight A’s and everyone liked her. Currently, she works on a talk show that is about to go national. 

Another man Jane interviews, Phil, was a dork in high school. Something he says to Phil causes a spark to go off – Phil ends up beating up LJ at the reunion. Go Phil!

The next day, Jane returns to the reunion barbeque. Both LJ and Willa are not happy he is there. He mingles with them for a bit, then goes off to get a burger. After eating, he meets with the old Vice President of the school who tells him in detail what happened between Logan and Selby.

In the meantime, Van Pelt and Cho go to investigate Selby’s house and mother. She tells them that he was practically nothing until he met his wife Jenna. Jenna believed in him and gave him something that he was missing in his life.  There is a strange message on the answering machine demanding money.

Van Pelt and Cho are able to track down the message to Jenna’s former fiancé who tries to run away from them. Under investigation, he tells them that she was practically a mail order bride and when she got here refused to marry him, met Selby and left. The message was for the twenty-five grand he put up to get her here, that she agreed to pay him back.

Jane knows that it must be something to do with Logan. Unable to track him down, he bribes Rigsby into pretending him to be Logan. Rigsby agrees because he does not want anyone to find out about his secret relationship with Van Pelt.

On the last night of the reunion weekend, Rigsby shows up decked out to the nines as Derek Logan. No one can believe their eyes, especially LJ and Willa. Just as Willa is about to make an announcement, Rigsby dashes on stage to make a speech.

All the CBI team is watching to see what the crowd does. LJ goes outside to puke. Phil runs outside to make a phone call to his family. And awkwardly Willa leaves the stage.

Jane and Lisbon follow her to her hotel room where she is frantically packing. Jane, in his debonair way, pieces together why he knows that it is Willa who killed Selby and his wife Jenna.  After he finishes his speech Willa explains that if Selby never got married, he would have never had the backbone to blackmail her. Because her career was finally taking off, a story of her in high school publically humiliating a boy would ruin her career.  Her only justification for what she did to Logan was that he told people she allowed him to touch her (romantically).

The police escort Willa away in handcuffs. The case is closed. Jane and Patrick head back to the party and have a semi romantic dance to “More Than Words”.

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The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

High school - best years of your life.


Do that again and I'll arrest you.