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On the latest installment of The Mentalist:

- Two women are found dead in a junkyard.  They were killed about a week apart but both were killed by a blow to the head.

- The first victim was Fernanda Talon.  She worked at her cousin’s soda factory.  The second woman was Valerie Beston who volunteered at a homeless shelter.  The two women seem to have no connection to one another.

- Dr. Montague joins the CBI team to help with the investigation.  She is a Decision Science Consultant and she believes the women were murdered by a serial killer known as The Caveman.  Patrick disagrees with her theory.

- Jane and Montague butt heads as she relies on statistics and Jane on his perceptions of the people involved.

- A kidney is delivered to CBI with a poem attached making it appear as though The Caveman has indeed committed the murders.

- After interviewing people at the homeless shelter and the soda company, Jane realizes that both women rode the same bus line.  The bus driver is questioned but all agree he is not their killer although he was dealing cocaine.

- Jane confesses to Lisbon that he sent the kidney and the note, not The Cavemen.  At a candlelight vigil for Fernanda, Jane plants another note from The Caveman threatening to kill his copycat.

- Fernanda’s cousins panic and try to escape but run into Cho in the dark and assume he is The Caveman.  They then confess that they killed Fernanda.

- Fernanda found out that their all natural soda had an additive that made people sick and a homeless man at the shelter died after drinking excessive amounts of the soda.  When Valerie made the same connection and came to the soda plant asking questions, they decided they had to kill her too to keep their secret.

- Jane and Montague part with a grudging respect for one another.  Montague gives Jane a statistical analysis of Red John as a gift.  At first he throws it away but then goes back and retrieves it from the recycle bin.

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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Well at least you're wrong with conviction.


Did you know that habitual mockery is a strong indicator of depression?

Dr. Montague