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The following went down this week on The Mentalist:

- Patrick Jane is found standing over the dead body of Landon Wales holding a gun.

- Jane admits to Lisbon that his brother-in-law Danny called him asking for help.  When Jane got to the address he found the dead body and he isn’t sure whether Danny is guilty of murder or not.

- Danny is a conman and a Carnie.  We find out the Jane’s wife’s family were all Carnie folk and she wanted out of the life when she married Jane.

- Jane tracks down Danny, who still blames Jane for his sister’s death at the hands of Red John.  Jane says he blames himself and the two bond over the loss.

- Danny admits that he was playing an investment con on Landon but he didn’t kill him.  Landon was bringing him a ruby encrusted statue to prove that he could buy in.

- Through an elaborate con, Landon’s widow believes that Danny has shot Jane and will shoot her next.  She confesses to killing her husband.  She was angry that her husband was going to run off with his mistress, Heather and she thought he had given Heather the ruby encrusted statue he had given her on their honeymoon.

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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

You look like Cagney and Lacey had a baby and called it Pepper.

Sam (describing Lisbon)

Jane? No. It was a man. Patrick.

Trixie (after Lisbon refers to Patrick as "Jane")