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A rundown of this week's episode...

- Two police officers and the fiancé of a third police officer are found murdered off of a rural road. CBI is called in to take the case.

- Todd Johnson, the fiancé of the murdered woman, vows revenge against the killer. Lisbon tries to persuade him against vigilante justice. Jane, who is having flashbacks of Red John’s killings, says he understands the need for revenge.

- The forensic report concludes that the gun used in these killings was also used to kill two other police officers in separate incidents, which means they are looking for a serial killer who is killing cops.

- A wannabe psychic, Ellis Mars hangs around the police station claiming to have information about the case. No one believes him but Jane eventually listens to his story. Jane feeds him information that allows him to convince the local police that he may really be psychic.

- Jane convinces both the local police and Ellis Mars that the killer may return to the scene of the crime that night. Ellis wanders onto the scene hoping to spot the killer. Instead, he is spotted by the police and runs. The police are now convinced Ellis is their killer.

- Jane hides Ellis in a local motel. He brings Todd Johnson to the motel room and hands him a gun, telling him Ellis is the killer and he can take his revenge. Todd is perplexed. He asks Jane why he is setting him up since he knows Ellis didn’t commit the murders. Jane allows Ellis to leave the room.

- Jane then accuses Todd of being their serial killer. At first Todd denies it but then admits to the killings and tries to kill Jane. Rigsby and Cho burst into the room and arrest Todd.

- Todd refuses to talk to anyone but Jane. He says he has a secret message for him. When the guard escorts Jane into the holding cell they find Todd on fire. The guard puts the fire out but Todd will not survive his injuries. Lisbon surmises that a local cop may have set Todd on fire as revenge for the killings.

- Jane sits at the hospital with Todd who regains consciousness for a moment. Todd turns to Jane and says “Tiger, Tiger” just before he dies.

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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

If you truly want revenge you have to be hard. You have to be dishonest and devious and cold. You can't let people see what's really in your heart.


This is not a fascinating puzzle, it's a media crap storm.