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Here's a rundown of the latest episode:

- Bill Sutton, a jockey was found murdered in an alley.  He had an engagement ring in his pocket with a note that said “Forgive Me."

- Bill’s girlfriend, Dalinda claimed Bill had a bad temper.  He lost his temper and beat a man after a traffic accident.  Dalinda left him after that.  The ring and the note were meant for her.

- Bill was suppose to ride Cobb Holwell’s horse in the next race.  The horse had long odds but Holwell swore the horse would win and the winnings would save his business.

- Frank Lockhart had Ellis Barnes threaten jockeys to stay away from Holwell’s stable.  Frank knew Holwell was close to bankruptcy and wanted to drive him out of business so he could buy his property to build a development.

- Turns out that Holwell was desperate to save his stable.  He planned to secretly switch the horse with long odds for its twin who was wild but much faster and cash in on the winnings.   Sutton refused to go along with the plan so Holwell killed him.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Cho: It's all an act with dogs they do it for the food.
Rigsby: Everybody does.
Cho: That's deep.

Cho: A gold muscle car with black stripes.
Rigsby: Symbol of bullying jerks the world over.