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-Alton Creek, a high power divorce attorney is blown up on his speed boat after receiving a pig's head with a knife through it.

-Summer, Cho's CI knew Alton and helps with the case. She also notices that Cho's back still bothers him.

-Alton was gambling with a mobster and his law partner had insured him for $10 million but it was Colette Santori who killed him. She had a secret affair with him for years and when he refused to marry her she was furious.

-FBI agent Susan Darcy returns to investigate who killed Panzer. Jane swears to her that he killed Red John and this must be a copy cat. Jane tells Lisbon that she's the only one who knows the truth, that he believes Red John is still alive.

-The CBI is sent a recording of someone stalking Agent Darcy. Jane and Lisbon think it's from Red John.

-When Panzer's first victim's father commits suicide, Jane makes it look like he did because he killed Panzer to throw Agent Darcy off of Red John's trail thus keeping her safe.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Van Pelt: So who wanted this guy dead?
Lisbon: He was a divorce attorney. Who didn't?

At least he was dead when, you know...the shark ate him.