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-The CBI team searches for the San Joaquin killer, a serial killer who slits the throats of young women.

-Looking for insights, Jane speaks to blogger James Panzer who follows the killer as Lisbon interrogates Richard Hybach, a man caught taking pictures of young women.

-Jane begins to suspect that Panzer may be the killer but when he can't prove it the FBI takes over the case.

-Jane agrees to go on TV with Panzer to discuss the killer. He tricks Panzer into saying that the San Joaquin killer is much smarter than Red John. That this killer wouldn't have allowed himself to be killed so easily by someone like Jane.

-Later that night, Panzer is found dead with the Red John bloody smiley face insignia above him.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Jane: Why are you just going through the motions.
Lisbon: It's called police work.

Trust your instincts, Lisbon.