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-Lisbon is being investigated by CBI for her role in the Red John debacle. Her team is being reassigned and Jane is reinstated with a different team. He's not happy.

-Bertram alludes that Lisbon will lose her job. Jane is on a mission to save it.

-Jane plays mind games with his new team members. The team leader, Ray asks Cho to join the team to keep an eye on Jane. Then Jane instigates a fight which causes another member to be suspended and Grace is asked back.

-When Jane asks Cho, Grace, and Rigsby to go along with his plan to save Lisbon, Rigsby is the only one to balk but eventually comes around.

-Jane and Cho set up Ray to look foolish in front of Bertram. When the killer of the personal trainer is caught, it isn't the political wife Jane led Ray to believe. It is his ex-lover, the gym owner who was livid he was stealing her clients to open his own gym.

-Jane tells Bertram he will continue to have problems if he doesn't hire Lisbon back. Lisbon is reinstated.

-LaRoche helps Libson visit Sally Carter in prison. LaRoche tells her he's leaving Major Crimes and hugs her. Then they find Sally dead in her cell. She slit her wrists and left a note claiming her husband was Red John.

-Jane doesn't believe Timothy was Red John. He brings Red John's supposed former lover to the morgue. Blind, she feels Carter's face and says this man was not her lover, not Red John.

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Lovely to see you. Keep working that bum wing


This man's dead. I'm all but certain of it.