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-Yolanda Concepcion, a cop is shot and killed while working an undercover narcotics assignment at a night club.

-Yolanda's was investigating drug lord Omar Vega who ran the club but they couldn't find his drug headquarters.

-Jane goes undercover to find Vega's drug headquarters but Cho and Rigsby lose his tracking signal.

-Cho questions a hooker named Summer who gives him information on the whereabouts of drug lord Omar Vega.

-While facing Vega, Jane finds out that Yolanda's partner, a dirty cop killed her when she got too close to the truth.

-With Summer's information, the CBI team find and rescue Jane.

-Cho asks Summer to be his confidential informant.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Your the man nobody wants to look like so I'm guessing your Mr. Vega.


Jane: You look marginally rested.
Lisbon: I was hoping to actually get to REM sleep tonight.