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-Connor, an 9 year old boy is kidnapped from a bus stop. Two other boys have been grabbed the same way. Both were strangled 12 hours later.

-Connor's mom, Beth is a former client of Patrick's and refuses to believe him when he says he's not a psychic. Her new spiritual advisor, Nathan is also on the scene. Patrick tells him to stop conning Beth.

-The CBI team finds the man responsible for killing the first two boys. Grace kills him during a shootout but he doesn't have Connor.

-Patrick cons Beth and her family into thinking he's had a psychic vision about Connor.

-The CBI team follow the family members and Jonathan, Beth's adult step-son leads them to Connor. He kidnapped Connor planning to play hero and bring the boy back, then hoped Beth would fall in love with him.

-Nolan tells Jane to lay off his mark and ridicules Beth. Jane records their conversation to play for Beth.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Deak: And you should have gone to jail you miserable sleazebag.
Jane: Well, nice to meet you too.

This is a mess we don't have time for.